Business Degree
Programs in Hong Kong


Business Degree Programs in Hong Kong

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is meticulously designed for professionals who strive for excellence in the field of business management by showcasing practical skills that are in line with the demands of the professional domain. A Doctorate in Business Administration in Hong Kong addresses topics pertaining to the various aspects of business management, such as finance, marketing, professional skills, and organizational behaviour. Individuals garner professional acumen while gaining employment opportunities with high earning potential in various industries.

According to a survey conducted by Randstad Hong Kong, one in four (25%) of respondents claimed that they anticipate a salary raise ranging between 10% and 15% when they switch jobs in 2023. While another 18% of respondents want a minimum pay raise of up to 20% when switching employers next year.

Owing to the pandemic situation Hong Kong’s economy witnessed a sharp decline in the first half of 2022 where the GDP decreased by 4% and remained static till the second quarter of the year. The GDP forecast improved in the third quarter of 2022 and increased by 7.9% by the first quarter of 2023. ​This accelerated the job vacancies in various industries like banking, export, retail, hospitality, pharmaceutical, and logistics industries. Employers were actively hiring individuals equipped with leadership quality and competency to shoulder the responsibilities of their company. A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration in Hong Kong will craft leaders who are willing to adapt and embark on a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and growth.

Professional Doctorate in Business Programs

A Doctorate in Business Administration in Hong Kong (DBA), encompasses research-oriented business management theories that prepare an individual to be skilled in the practice of leading and managing business organizations successfully. It is a degree that allows graduates to facilitate business progress with comprehensive knowledge and sought-after expertise in the corporate world, academia, and various industries.

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) augments an individual’s insight of business principles and upscale their cognitive skills and expertise which allows them not only to possess leadership qualities but to make tactical decisions needed to solve multifaceted business problems and drive business growth and success.

A comprehensive investigation of various Professional Doctorate in Business Administration programs in Hong Kong is important to choose the right program that fits one's requirements and objectives.

Here are some of the Business Doctorate programs

  • Professional Doctorate in Advertising
  • Professional Doctorate in Human Resource Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Business Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Sales & Marketing
  • Professional Doctorate in Design Thinking and Innovation Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Health Care Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Professional Doctorate in Tourism Management

Master’s in Business Administration Programs (MBA)

Known to be the hub of multinational enterprises, Hong Kong attracts employment every year in flourishing industries like finance, technology, advertising, human resource, and more. Pursuing an MBA in Hong Kong will impart the robust understanding of business fundamentals and principles while addressing a broad scope of relevant concepts and theories which include marketing, finance, leadership skills, and management that allows professionals to climb the business ladder while combating the highly competitive business market in this global economy.

Master’s in Business Administration Programs are specially crafted to transfer expertise in the business domain that allows graduates to excel in professional functionalities like supervising and managing teams, deciphering complicated business obstacles, and taking strategic decisions to solve intricate business challenges. MBA Programs are designed for experienced professionals who aspire for the leadership position in a wide variety of industries.

Here are some (MBA) Master’s in Business Administration Programs

  • MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Sales and Marketing Management
  • MBA in Environment, Health & Safety Management
  • MBA in Project Management

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A: After completing a Master’s in Business Administration Programs a graduate is exposed to several lucrative career opportunities in various industries like finance, consulting, and marketing. An MBA program not only increase an individuals earning potential but also leverage their business education and experience.

A: when you apply for any Master’s in Business Administration Program from East Bridge College, you reap the advantage of flexibility that allows you to access the course online from any corner of the world. The MBA programs are specially designed for working professionals that allow them to work while studying for their degree.

A: The job market for an MBA graduate is highly competitive, but there are many job opportunities available for individuals who possess the acumen and skills required to excel in the field of business management.