Academic Acceptance
- Degree Recognition


Academic Acceptance - Degree Recognition of East Bridge College

East Bridge College offers several graduate services through European International University in order to enhance the benefits that you may obtain from your education and degree and facilitate the EIU degree recognition.

Diploma Recognition

In today’s date, people holding degrees in different fields are willing to move around and work in different countries to widen their opportunities for professional growth. On that note, it has become crucial for education institutes to provide options for a better diploma recognition, because not all educational institutions share exactly the same academic curriculum, besides organisations may need some authentication about the legality of the degree. All East Bridge College’s programs are validated and affiliatedby European International University, which is a Degree granting University under the French Public Higher Education sector. All EIU Online learning degrees can be issued and apostilled in the Paris, France.

Online Verification

EIU has its own diploma/degree verification system which is completely online and available for any employers / Schools / Institutions to check and verify the course of study along with other details of the graduate.

Academic Acceptance

It is exceptional that any company or receiving institution will accept an Online degree by merely showing the paper diploma and other documents. How can anyone make sure that those papers were not made up? For this reason, companies and institutions based in different parts of the world request different means to validate the reliability of the degrees presented to them.

East Bridge College provides multiple validation options for the degrees received from EIU through independent third-party organizations as well as the standard international legalization procedures, but such options may incur an additional fee and take some time. Additionally, EBC and EIU both also actively engages in offering validation letters to the institution / organization you have applied for. What is more, EBC has also provided reference letters to schools, institutions and organizations directly for verification and performance in course references.

No institution can assure accepting their degrees. Acceptance of higher education degrees is always entirely at the discretion and subjective deductions of each receiving institution or employer. It also varies relying on their own guidelines, and the nations where they are based.

Degree Apostille

European International University’s online learning degrees can be internationally Apostilled with The Hague Apostille (for Hague signatory countries) or Embassy Legalization (for Hague non-signatory countries). Some institutions and organisations happen to hierarchize degree legalization for verifying signatures, and authenticating the legality and legitimacy of any documents issued by an Online education college such as EIU. Additional costs will be charged for any extra services, and candidates must contact their academic counselors to gather more information.

Credit Evaluation Services

Candidates graduating from EIU may get evaluation academic credits reports from numerous institutions. The necessities of each credential evaluation facility may differ with the degree program, specialization and graduate resume on each instance. EIU cannot assure of credit or degree validation in every occasions. EIU does not intermediate in these procedures but can provide our graduated with the list of Evaluation service providers.

Graduation Documents

Documents regarding graduation are always generated in English, and will be made up-to-date as per the latest guidelines or formats adopted by European International University. These documents may be issued and legalized from the France (Paris).

The following graduation documents are issued from European International University and East Bridge College:

  1. Degree: It shows the full graduate name, degree program, date, issuing country and signature of the Dean of the Faculty, the President and Registrar. It does not particularly mention any information regarding distance learning. From EIU-Paris
  2. Transcript: Displays all of the credits accounted towards the degree, including the credits transferred from previous education, and the corresponding grades. It comprises the Diploma Supplement information, as deemed necessary by European Higher Education guidelines. From EIU-Paris
  3. Graduation Completion Letter: A letter from East Bridge College from the Head of the Board of Academics information about your successful completion of the program.
  4. Reference Letter A reference letter is equivalent to a recommendation letter. A document is a stamp of integrity, capability and character of the candidate. This is issued from the Head of Faculty of the School, East Bridge College upon request.

European International University provides much more than a degree. The graduation documents offer a detailed report of your academic achievements, transferred and earned credits, course descriptions, program contents, etc. The graduation documents prove the level and depth of your program of study at EBC. Hence, when your employer takes a look at the documents, they do not just get a glimpse of your grades, but are also exposed to the modules and specific topics you learned to achieve the degree

Professional Practice

Each profession develops its own entry requirements. Potential EBC students are advised to check, prior to enrolment, whether their chosen program from EBC’s range of online programs is accepted at the professional practice they are seeking. Criteria for a specific profession differ among provinces, states, or countries. Some professions demand for degrees recognized exclusively by the Ministry of Education; whereas others agree to a diploma aptly legalized or endorsed by a professional association.

It is to be noted that in some instances a candidate may be selected for a specific job, while others may not, even after holding the same degree from the same college or university. This tends to occur because employers do not just look for grades, but also place emphasis on the students’ former work experience, their level of dedication, their personality traits, and the way they performed in the job interview.

East Bridge College graduates may join many professional associations. Significantly, membership requirements for each connection may differ depending on the degree program, specialization and graduate resume earned by each candidate. EBC cannot guarantee membership in all instances. EBC does not intermediate in these procedures. East Bridge College provides a list of available memberships and professional references, where some EBC graduates may belong. Contact directly the ones you select.


East Bridge College students are from anywhere across the globe and they may start their program as per intake calendar and finish distance learning degree programs in any date along the year, so it is quite impossible for a big celebration where everybody can rejoice a big graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

EBC organizes a graduation ceremony with European International University each year that is held in Asia alongside a symposium where our Vice Chancellor personally congratulates and hands over the degree to the participating graduates. EBC graduates, willing to receive their diploma at an official graduation ceremony, are most welcome to attend the same. EBC is also interested in and plans to conduct graduation ceremonies in particular locations from where a substantial number of candidates have graduated.