The main purpose of a Professional Doctorate Degree Program is to initiate an individual’s quest for professional accomplishment with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study. The doctorate degree aids in the successful translation of theoretical knowledge and skills into practical applications and is specially designed for mid-career professionals who are keen to gain leadership and high-level management positions in various organizations while focusing on their career advancement. It emphasizes the act of evaluating complex issues, formulating innovative solutions and creating practical solutions to potential problems. A professional doctorate involves the completion of a thesis or capstone project that showcases the student’s proficiency and mastery of the relevant field of study along while highlighting their ability to apply it in a professional setting. The goal of a professional doctorate is to broaden the professional experience of an individual’s thereby allowing them to make noteworthy contributions in their respective fields.

Professional Doctorate Programs are structured differently than traditional PhD programs, with a greater emphasis on industry-specific theoretical knowledge. The rigorous curriculum of a Professional Doctorate program involves the utilization of interdisciplinary approaches from multiple fields to address complex business related problems. In this article we will provide an insight on a frequently asked question among mid-career professionals before they consider pursuing a professional doctorate degree which is ‘Can I write Dr after Professional Doctorate?’.

Here are some interesting facts to consider before adding Dr after a Professional Doctorate

  • It is important to draw a distinction between academic and professional doctorates. While academic doctorates, such as a PhD focuses mainly on scholarly endeavours, professional doctorates are designed for mid-career professionals who are keen on gaining professional expertise in their relevant field of specialization.
  • An interesting fact about the use of the ‘Dr’ title is that different countries identity it based on different credentials. For instance, in Germany, the title of "Dr." is confined to academic doctorates and cannot be used by individuals who have graduated with Professional Doctorates. Whereas in the United States, the ‘Dr’ title can be used by individuals with both academic and professional doctorates.
  • Addition of a Dr after the completion of a Professional Doctorates comes with various professional credentials, such as board certification or fellowship status in their respective field. These distinctions enhance marketability and career advancement opportunities.
  • Even though the title of “Dr” after the completion of a professional doctorate program serves as a symbol of distinction and prestige in their field of work, it improves the employability status by empowering an individual with the prowess and knowledge required to boost their career trajectory.
  • It should be noted that after the completion of a Professional Doctorate program a graduate can use the title of ‘Dr’ in front of their name but it should not be mistakenly interchanged with other titles such as "Professor" or "PhD," which have different meanings and criteria.

Benefits of pursing a Professional doctorate

  • A professional doctorate can upgrade your job application materials and allow you to gain a competitive edge in the job market.
  • A professional doctorate, increases higher earning potential while elevating your professional opportunities.
  • Professional doctorate programs enhance professional skills which include leadership and management skills, which are highly sought after in a variety of industries.
  • Professional doctorate programs provide networking opportunities which provide opportunities to connect with other experienced professionals and increases collaboration and career opportunities.
  • Finally, a professional doctorate can bolster your professional development by imparting necessary skills and knowledge that initiates your quest for professional accomplishment.


Mid-career professionals who are keen to excel in their career with the advanced knowledge, competency, and hand-on experience required to achieve the ultimate career goal, can pursue a professional doctorate degree program along with earning the benefit of adding the title of "Dr." in front of their name. However, it is important to understand subtle distinctions of the designation as well knowing that it is a part of the wider scope of professional achievement and recognition"



Written By : Albert Adams