Triumphing in the arduous and challenging realm of information technology framework demands an expert professional who epitomizes a coalesced fusion of motivation, innovation, and an outcome-driven approach. Such professionals embody effective leadership qualities that bestow strategic orientation and mentorship to their teams in order to empower them to combat complex IT problems unflinchingly. They implement a practice of innovation and constant improvement enabling their team to tackle challenges with optimal efficiency and formulating effective and inventive solutions that meet the growing needs of their organizations.

Meet KAAUSHIK VARADHAN, Senior Infrastructure Project Manager at Standard Chartered Global Business Service Private Ltd, accumulating a wealth of expertise spanning over 15 years and possessing success record of dispensing brilliant information technology solutions, Mr. Varadhan has proven himself as a leader who unswervingly satiate the everlasting expectations of clients. Top of Form.

In this testimonial blog, we will highlight the remarkable journey of Mr. Kaaushik Varadhan outlining his trajectory from his initial days as a Global Transition Manager at Tata Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd to his current position as a Senior Infrastructure Project Manager at Standard Chartered Global Business Service Private Ltd, which is deemed as one of the world's top international banks. Furthermore, we will emphasize that Mr. Varadhan pursued a Professional Doctorate in Business Management from East Bridge College, that amplified his professional skills and aptitude in the field.

Mr. Varadhan's eminent professional journey has been characterized by his notable aptitude in numerous critical realms, where he has showcased his management skills and strengths in client management, service delivery, project management, data center management, and transition management and people management. Over the course of his professional tenure, he has persistently displayed his expertise in comprehending and attending to the client needs and requirement by providing impeccable delivery of services. Mr. Varadhan's versatile skill repertoire and capability to outshine in various management areas have truly set him apart as an ideal professional in the information technology industry.

His comprehensive familiarity of adhering to industry standards such as ITIL, Prince2, and PMP further augmented his capability to effectively navigate intricate projects and guarantee fruitful outcomes. As a highly driven and innovative leader, Mr. Varadhan has unswervingly motivated his teams to perform their best in order to achieve outstanding results.

During his three years tenure at Tata Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Mr. Varadhan played an essential role as a Global Transition Manager. His diligent precision of discerning details combined with his tactical vision, enabled him to face challenging transformations, resulting in better client satisfaction and project success. His people management skills paired with his strong leadership potentials, made him a trusted a valuable asset to his organization.

Professional Doctorate in Business Management

A Professional Doctorate in Business Management involves applied knowledge and research proficiency to boost leadership and management skills along with enhancing business acumen. It imparts the skills needed to bring forth organizational success and enables professionals to contribute knowledge to the field of business management. Mr. Varadhan pursued a Professional Doctorate in Business Management from East Bridge College that allowed him to gain a deeper comprehension of business tactics, corporate framework, and leadership ideologies, enabling him to make well-informed judgements and drive positive change within his teams and projects.

Reflecting on his academic journey, Mr. Varadhan expresses his gratitude for the support and guidance he received from East Bridge College. He credits the administrative staff for excellent mentoring and guidance that helped him advance professionally. The webinars and course materials provided by the East Bridge college were not only educational but also instrumental in shaping his research environment. Mr. Varadhan's positive experience with East Bridge College has left a lasting impression, as he confidently expresses his intention to continue his learning adventure with them in the future.

In conclusion, Mr. Kaaushik Varadhan stands out as an exceptional Senior Infrastructure Project Manager whose extensive professional experience, combined with his motivation, innovation, and an outcome-driven mindset, has allowed him to unswervingly deliver outstanding solutions throughout his career. His pursuit of a Professional Doctorate in Business Management validates his commitment to personal growth and perseverance in becoming a well-rounded professional. Mr. Varadhan's professional expedition and achievements serves as a motivation for IT aspirants, where the impact of motivation, innovation, and lifelong learning can benefit one in their career. With his unwavering determination and remarkable skills, Mr. Varadhan is indubitably prepared for continued success in the dynamic and demanding sphere of information technology infrastructure.

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Written By : Rajosree Sur