Often, it's presumed that a Ph.D. is a teaching-only degree! However, for reaching the top of the academic pecking order, professional doctorate and PhD these two postgraduate degrees can help. Also, earning a doctoral-level degree is a foremost accomplishment. However, making a selection between these two parallel yet different things can be a challenge. These can meaningfully boost your resume as well as your career.

Determining whether to pursue a PhD or professional doctorate can be an intricate procedure. Nevertheless, the variances between the two doctoral programmes differ in every field. Moreover, they are also developing with time.

What is a PhD?

PhD denotes Doctor of Philosophy and is measured as the uppermost postgraduate feat which anyone you can earn. It requires significant as well as original research and while doing this, you’ll nurture a critical understanding of a specific research part. PhD is a doctoral degree with an academic emphasis, under proper academic direction, anyone can develop a significant and original piece of research.

PhD can be earned in numerous fields of education and can be a long and compound progression. PhD embraces writing a dissertation and defending your effort. Here are the foremost prominences in a PhD program:

  • Scrutinize prevailing theories in a field
  • Assess the influential and present research happening in that arena
  • Determine breaches in research as well as literature that may lead to more learning
  • Conduct original research to enhance this body of an acquaintance
  • Join the findings of the research to an academic audience and to participants who would be obstructed by this new information

The important requirement of a PhD is the formation of new knowledge. A developed new way to complete your PhD is online accelerated PhD programs where you will earn credits to your prior learning. These degrees are for those working ambitious professionals who have less time but want to earn a PhD degree.

What Is a Professional Doctorate?

Professional doctorate holders generally study within their field in order to incorporate knowledge directly into their career. It leads to a professional occupation. Learners usually emphasise the real-world complications addressed and faced by individuals working in the field. Also, the dissertation procedure for professional doctorates typically embraces framing solutions to the problems or challenges faced by professionals in the field.

Learners are normally working professionals who have experience in their respective fields. The degree helps them to advance their careers and have their coursework lead them into advanced spots of leadership by influencing in their field. Professional Doctorate degrees focus more on occupational subjects such as medicine, education and engineering. Moreover, the set-up of a Professional Doctorate degree varies from a PhD’s.

Some of the common Professional Doctorate degrees contain the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), etc. Here are the foremost prominences in a Professional Doctorate program:

  • Intensifying the body of knowledge around in a specific field
  • Assessing how related the up-to-date practices are within the field
  • Discovering solutions for real-world problems in the field
  • Scheming and directing research by applying the results to practical complications

The degree every so often ends in a dissertation.

Difference between doctor and doctorate

Let us just quickly understand the differences in a simplified way ---

Differences Between Professional Doctorate And PhD

For people who have a deep-rooted attitude, pursuing a doctoral degree can be a tough yet advantageous journey. Generally, in the academic world, a doctorate is mostly used as an umbrella term that covers several areas starting from professional degrees, humanities, and scientific disciplines. Hope this clarifies about the difference between phd and doctorate.

Getting a Ph.D. supports you make the most of the developing academic opportunities by making you easily distinguishable more to employers or businesses. Quite naturally, PhD needs to devote great effort and time. Therefore, online PHD programs for professionals help working specialists. Also, you won’t have to worry about moving to be close to campus. Instead, these online accelerated degree programs save your valuable time by providing opportunities to earn credits for prior learning. You may complete the most of the course content from home easily and both online PhD programs and online professional doctorates programs offer a flexible format.


East Bridge College is a globally accredited establishment offering a wide number of online PHD programs for professionals and a Doctoral Program Online for Professionals. The programs deliver the opportunity to advance the existing teaching and research experience of the learners by gaining more insight into their field of interest for future career success. Now, as you know the differences between these two degrees, thought about your career goals and then determine whether or not to earn a PhD or professional doctorate degree.

Written By : Elizabeth Garcia