In this blog, we will highlight the importance of teachers who are instrumental in cultivating responsible citizens and contribute positively to the betterment of society. We will also explore the intellectual gains of an MBA in Education Administration & Management which fortifies individuals with necessary professional skill set and strategic insights vital for effective leadership in educational institutions.

Meet Miss Sonia Margaret Wright, a foundation level Teacher at Changwai Bilingual School (CBS) China, whose vocational experience represents the quintessence of an unceasing quest for effective teaching practices, intense fidelity to student development, and an indomitable perseverance to implement a lively and impactful learning environment for the students. Her career trajectory demonstrates the transformative power of education and the long-standing impact of dedicated teachers. With ambitions to excel as a homeroom teacher, Sonia Margaret Wright aims to guide, mentor, and nurture students as they navigate their academic journey.

Her academic pursuits underscore her intense dedication to academic progress and educational eminence. She attained an IELTS score of 7.5 through the British Council in December 2020 along with pursuing a certificate in School Management at Harvard Business School and an MBA in Education Administration & Management from East Bridge College which illustrates her commitment to attaing effective educational leadership. Miss Sonia Margaret Wright’s scholastic trajectory includes a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham (2017) and Diplomas in Pre-Primary & Primary Teaching Certification, as well as Montessori Certification, from the American TESOL Institute (2016). Along with this she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Madras (2010) and Pre-University Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology certification from Indian Academy (2007). All this reiterates her well-rounded educational journey that reflects a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

As a Foundation level Teacher at Changwai Bilingual School since August 2021 she upgraded her approach of teaching methodology by focusing on play-based learning in the EY4 Homeroom. She amalgamates learning with exploration, which in turn nurtures the formation of an engaging educational atmosphere. She possesses expertise in collaborative grade level planning and Early Years Centre meetings that ensures a seamless learning experience. Miss Sonia's dedication extends to detailed planning, coaching, assessment, and detailing student progress across curricula.

At Boston International School (BIS) from August 2019 to July 2021, Miss Sonia not only focused on play-based learning in the EY4 Homeroom but also led effective workshops for EAL students where she merged play, exploration, and language-focused board games for inclusive education.

Her tenure at Stonehill International School as a Homeroom teacher highlights her diverse professional skill set as a teacher who possess the capability of nurturing young minds by inculcating values that encourage the development of critical thinking, and empathy. She promoted the Seesaw methodology as a tool for communication and reflection on student work. Beyond teaching, her leadership as Co-Chair for Accreditation NEASC/CIS and Self-Study Group IBO-PYP emphasized perseverance to school-wide advancement. As Student Mentor and Coach, Miss Sonia fostered holistic development. Prior roles, including Teaching Assistant and Assistant Teacher, highlighted her dedication to literacy, EAL support, and structured teaching methods.

As a teaching assistant at Stonehill International School (August 2013-2017), Miss Sonia organized the Grade 7/8 Spelling Bee Contest, coached Badminton Tournament, and assisted individuals experiencing challenges in reading and writing through group activities. As an assistant teacher at Indus International School (November 2012 - June 2013), Miss Sonia organized classrooms, settled students, engaged parents, and planned meetings, demonstrating her commitment to organized and engaging teaching methods.

Her Experience Summarized

Amid evolving societal and political dynamics, my academic journey comprising a Bachelor's in Psychology, Pre-Primary Teaching, and Post-Graduation in International Education revealed the paramount importance of education. Working in an Early Years and Primary International Baccalaureate School ignited a passion for educational leadership. Pursuing a master's degree at your esteemed institution, I eagerly delve into MBA in Education Administration & Management with a focus on Administration and Management. This endeavor aims to refine my leadership insights and explore 21st Century Global Education's significance in our interconnected world. I am poised to emerge as an adept leader, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of educational dynamics and leadership principles.

MBA in Education Administration & Management

An MBA in Education Administration & Management has enhanced Miss Sonia's vocational expedition. This MBA program adroitly empowered her with a comprehensive set of skills and expertise that are influential in effectively leading and handling educational institutions. An MBA in Education Administration & Management involves advanced coursework and practical experiences, that enhances her comprehension of strategic and financial management, organizational leadership, and modern teaching methodologies. An MBA in Education Administration & Management lays emphasis on leadership and administration that accentuates her ability to generate engaging learning atmospheres, facilitate cooperation among teachers, and pilot through the dynamic landscape of education. With an MBA in Education Administration & Management from East Bridge College Miss Sonia is fortified with the mastery to excel in her role as an educational leader, driving positive change and contributing to the advancement of educational excellence.


In conclusion, Miss Sonia Margaret Wright’s vocational expedition in the field of education highlights her unwavering commitment of encouraging and fostering an all-encompassing learning experience in young minds. Her tenure of service at various educational institutions, highlighted by her innovative approaches to teaching and her roles in leadership and administration, showcases her steadfast dedication to educational excellence. Implementing strategies like play-based learning, collaborative planning and coaching roles, her influence extends beyond the teaching space, creating an effective educational environment for the students. As she continues to polish and upgrade her proficiency and professional skill set, Miss Sonia Margaret wright remains a role model, demonstrating the colossal influence that teachers can have in shaping the future of individuals and society at large.

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Written By : Rajosree Sur