In this insightful blog, we will explore the noteworthy professional journey of a proficient business leader who exemplifies excellence in the field of business. This adroit business strategist showcased his extensive comprehension of the current business challenges and innovative perspectives While leaving an enduring impression, affirming his expertise in the domain. We will also explore the benefits of a Professional Doctorate in Business Management that plays a pivotal role in honing these indispensable skills.

Meet Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom, a proficient industry figure who has showcased his supreme commitment to excellence throughout his professional career. Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom, Managing Partner at KREG Global Marketing & Distribution Company in Thrissur, Kerala, India has been on a relentless mission to empower MSMEs and segments of conglomerates.

 Since May 2019, he has been proactively participating in improving productivity and profitability levels for his clients, integrating tactical actions, re-engineering processes, optimizing human and capital resources, and providing valued guidance. Illustrating his persistent determination and effectiveness, Mr. Thekkemadom has successfully completed seven projects with different clients since the launch of KGCC Ltd. in March 2019.

His advanced approach, characterized by a frontline, time-based, resident model, has proven to be instrumental in driving positive outcomes for businesses.

Before assuming his present position, Mr. Thekkemadom held significant positions at ABN Corporation (Global), representing his leadership skills and strategic insight. Acting as the General Manager and Senior Manager with Behzad Trading Enterprises WLL in Doha, Qatar, he played a crucial role in achieving a remarkable 966% growth for BTE and a portion of ABN Transport and Trading in just 3 years and 10 months.

During his tenure with TJSV Galvanizing and Fabrication India Limited, Mr. Thekkemadom served as a Procurement Advisor, contributing to the development of a unique HR management system and achieving ISO certification for the company.

His achievements extend to his time with Suhail Bahwan Group in Muscat, Oman, where he assisted as the Specification Manager in the Finishing Products Division. Notably, Mr. Thekkemadom played a pivotal role in securing 92% of projects and budgeted sales figures within 9 months of service.

 In his managerial roles at Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC (MHD) in Oman, Mr. Thekkemadom consistently demonstrated his aptitude to lead and motivate teams, attain budgeted sales figures, and establish strong relationships with clients and consultants.

During his tenure with Bukamal WLL in Bahrain, he occupied pivotal roles as Product Manager and Senior Marketing Engineer, contributing to the fast-growing business house's success through strategic planning and portfolio development.

Mr. Thekkemadom's professional journey also includes significant contributions to Al Ryum Est. in Dubai, U.A.E., where he served as a Sales Engineer and CAD Designer, showcasing his skills in negotiation, design, and project management.

Summarizing His Program Experience

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom has consistently exhibited a zeal for excellence, strategic thinking, and an unyielding pursuit of success. His pursuit of a Professional Doctorate in Business Management is a testimony to his commitment to continuous learning and further solidifies his position as a seasoned business leader.

The East Bridge College’s support team paired with Mr. Thekkemadom's dedication, has indubitably molded a business leader with a profound understanding of global business dynamics and an impressive track record of achievements.

‘Even else, whole EBC team was highly supportive. With the fee structure and payment schedule initially, later on with assistance, then the Guide - would say one of the best, communication, some referral benefits, and then the defense improved my confidence a lot.’

How Does a Professional Doctorate in Business Management Help Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom for his Future Ventures?

The pursuit of a Professional Doctorate in Business Management functions as a crucial investment for Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom's future achievements. This advanced doctorate degree equips him with an extended theoretical foundation, refined critical thinking skills, and a keen ability to formulate complex business concepts.

Equipped with this specialized knowledge, Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom will be skillfully navigating the complicated landscape of global business, staying ahead of industry trends while executing innovative strategies. The research and analytical skills honed during his Professional Doctorate in Business Management degree course will empower him to execute thorough analyses, make informed decisions, and drive organizational success.

Moreover, a Professional Doctorate in Business Management fosters a strong ethos of continuous learning, ensuring that Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom remains at the head of emerging business paradigms.

The conferred expertise from his Professional Doctorate in Business Management not only amplifies his credibility but also positions him as a thought leader capable of shaping industry discourse and steering businesses towards sustainable growth.

Basically, the pursuit of a Professional Doctorate in Business Management serves as a catalyst for Mr. Thekkemadom's future achievements, enabling him to combat challenges with strategic acumen, innovation, and a holistic understanding of the dynamic business environment.

What is a Professional Doctorate in Business Management?

A Professional Doctorate in Business Management is an intricate and specialized educational program designed for expert professionals who are keen on deepening their knowledge while enhancing their analytical skills, in order to make significant contributions to the field of business.

This doctorate degree in business management qualification goes beyond conventional business education by combining rigorous academic study with practical application. Participants engage in extensive research, examining complex business challenges and proposing innovative solutions.

A Professional Doctorate in Business Management degree typically emphasizes the development of advanced skills in critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and effective leadership. Professionals pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Business Management often bring their rich industry experience to the academic setting, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and enriching the learning experience for themselves and their peers.

This online doctorate degree in business management not only signifies a high level of expertise in a specific business domain but also prepares individuals for leadership roles where they can shape industry practices, contribute to academic research, and drive organizational success through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom.


In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom for the remarkable achievement of successfully completing the online defense for his Professional Doctorate in Business Management . His journey through this rigorous academic pursuit not only underscores his dedication to continuous learning but also reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic realm of contemporary business.

 The insightful defense showcased not only a profound understanding of current business issues but also unveiled groundbreaking insights, leaving a lasting impression on peers, mentors, and the academic community. Mr. Thekkemadom's demonstrated expertise in the field positions him as a thought leader and exemplar in navigating the complexities of global business.

This significant milestone is not just a personal triumph but a testament to his resilience, intellectual acuity, and potential to contribute meaningfully to the business landscape. We look forward with anticipation to the continued impact and success that Mr. Thekkemadom is poised to achieve in his future endeavors.

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Written By : Rajosree Sur