Earlier, working adults who wanted to continue their education had to quit their jobs to pursue a full-time degree. Sometimes, they had to commute to campus for classes at night or on weekends. But now with the incredible flexibility of online accelerated education, the majority of the working professionals are drawn to the virtual classrooms. However, there’s still a concern among the people about the assessments, evaluation and grading of student performance in the online accelerated education environment.

With accelerated online college degree courses, you can work at your own pace to complete a degree at a faster rate. You can apply your own life experiences with credit for prior learning to show expertise in a particular area. Recent studies have stated that for most online accelerated bachelor's students, the online program isn't their first try at college.

Evaluation, Grading and Assessment Process

Here, at East Bridge College, we have established a unified grading-assessment database system. The system delivers our faculty a method to grade signature assignments using faculty-created rubrics by accessing the information later to both calculate specific grades. Additionally, at the same time, it finds out the assets and weaknesses in terms of knowledge and skill development of all learners.

These grading headings have been very precisely planned to embrace all the essential skills, knowledge, and aptitudes that must be thoroughly assessed for EBC. This process helps to determine if the learners are ready to go ahead with the bigger journey in advance or not. Moreover, these grading rubrics are reflected on the comprehensive assignments that the apprentices develop the essential insights along with expertise that is vital to excelling in the field of their choice.

Evaluation Procedure of EBC

We strongly encourage the advancement of critical thinking and information processing. Each subject comes with a writing assignment which can be a –

  • Project plan
  • Business plan
  • Effective writing
  • Lesson plan
  • Critical thinking etc.

Each assignment is evaluated on:

  1. 30% Format
  2. 30% Content
  3. 40% PQT- Personal Quality Thinking

30% Format: This includes the organization and presentation of the information. Along with that, the data organization, hierarchy, interrelationships and intelligibility of presentation includes the format which will also be assessed. Detailed index and Affidavit are also a part of this segment.

30% Content: This stage establishes how much the substance aligns with the bibliography. The valuation of the content is based on the knowledge of the substance as well as the learner’s synthesis skills and ability to interrelate with the concept/s. Report contents are calculated only like 30% of the concluding grade as the online content is accessible for the learners throughout the report explains.

40% PQT- Personal Quality Thinking: This area shows how the topic is grasped through case studies, personal comments, and the aptitude to apply the info to practical problem-solving scenarios. Assessment of the PQT validates the study and critical thinking skills of the learner, as replicated in the writing and presentation manner. Lucid writing and personal writing style are also parts of the stage.

Degree Granting

Grading Process

East Bridge College follows the following grading scale:

  • 4.0 - Excellent - 90-100% / A+
  • 3.5 - Very Good - 80-89% / A
  • 3.0 - Good - 70-79% / B+
  • 2.5 - Satisfactory - 60-69% / B
  • 2.0 - Sufficient - 50-59% - C (Least passing grade
  • 1.5 - Fail < 50% / F

A grade point average of E (2.0 - 50%) or higher is obligatory to earn any course credits.

Assessment Process

Assessment needs to assimilate learning and motivation for the learners. Well-made assessment approaches deliver valued information about student-learning. Assessment tells us what apprentices learned, how fine they learned it, and where they struggled. At EBC, the assessment process involves 3 phases:

1. Specialized Evaluation

When any assignment has been submitted, we carry out a swift format review to check whether the submitted work follows the basic format requirements or not. Once the format has been confirmed, the assignment is furthered to the corresponding professor for content assessment. The professor is expected to evaluate the work that succumbed within a period ranging from three to seven weeks. If the final grade does not meet the minimum (2.0 - 50%), the paper has to be repeated from the start and resubmitted. The evaluating professor will deliver academic support and explain what needs to be modified and improved for any grade lower than 3.0 (Good).

2. Supervision

The EBC Supervisor will review a second time the paper assessed by the specialized assessment professor. The supervisor will focus chiefly on the format and weigh the personal quality thinking standards. Similarly, the supervisor will also assess the teacher's criteria, grading and comments to ensure that the paper has been appropriately corrected according to EBC’s distance learning higher education instructive standards.

If required, in case of important differences between the quality of work and the grade allocated, the supervisor may elect to change the grade proposed by the initial evaluator by 0.5 points (a 15% plus or minus). In the case of foremost differences, the supervisor may also request for an additional round of evaluation by a different professor.

3. Final Grade & Transcript

The evaluation and supervision results of the papers submitted are presented to the faculty of the Academic Board for the concluding review and embellishment of the grades certificate or transcript. Lastly, the Faculty of the Academic Board will sign the corresponding diploma and transcription.

Most of the time, people want to complete their education but that’s not always possible. We all have a full-time occupation, a family, friends, and want to enjoy the little free time, isn’t it? Thus, we can aid you to find a perfect online accelerated degree that matches your career goals, interests, and learning preferences. At EBC, education is bold, active and full of life!

Written By : Laura Taylor