Project managers maintain that high-priority projects are done fine and accomplished hurriedly. Researchers have found that a projected 2.2 million jobs will be added to the ground each year through 2027, connecting to roughly 33% growth for the industry. If you already have significant professional experience and looking for ways to progress your career with an MBA, then make the online accelerated MBA in project management program your next project!

The program can develop your understanding of project management more and set you apart as a leader in your organization. You will acquire knowledge on how to handle teams in a better way, how to develop a project plan, effective outsourcing, and managing risk and so on.

What is an MBA in Project Management?

With this degree, you have a profile that is in demand in the job marketplace. The intricacy of the digitalized, as well as the globalized working world, requires competencies in the organization and structuring of projects to ensure the achievement of goals and budget compliance.

The MBA in Project Management program is planned to provide you with all the essential business management as well as leadership training focused on the project management role. With the training, you can support make projects move more effortlessly. This program highlights all the essential tools, developments, and techniques used by project managers to handle small to large teams managing various multi-stage projects.

Is a Master’s in Project Management Worth It?

The huge demand for skilled project managers comes at a time when several project management professionals are retiring. This will produce even more of a demand for early- or mid-career experts with the precise skills as well as project management knowledge. So, if you possess the distinctive assortment of technical expertise, people abilities, strategic thinking skills and organizational abilities, you might just make a great project manager.

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However, it's not an easy job as project management has advanced a lot. Project management spots are decisive in numerous industries as well as subdivisions. Typically, they are hired in non-profits, for-profits, and public sets.

Here are some of the most common industries in which project managers find work:

  • Engineering Settings (counting software)
  • Construction Settings
  • Real Estate Surroundings
  • Transportation Settings
  • Sustainability Sites

With the program, you’ll be more equipped for a senior project management role. Furthermore, you'll be able to handle a bigger project, have a superior team and will be able to take a role as a senior project manager.

Besides, you’ll learn abilities with an influence beyond project management. Additionally, keep in mind that wages for project management specialists go up with education ranks, certifications, experience, and other profit-sharing arrangements.

What are the job responsibilities of a project manager and why it matters a lot?

In general, they are in charge of developing and overseeing a number of important projects. The important responsibilities for a Project Manager ---

  • Regulate and outline project scope along with objectives
  • Calculate vital resources required to reach goals by managing resources in an effective way
  • Formulating a budget based on the possibility of work and resource supplies
  • Cultivate and manage a complete project schedule as well as a work strategy
  • Deliver project updates on a regular basis to different stakeholders about approaches, changes, and advancement
  • Handle treaties with retailers and suppliers by allocating tasks along with communicating anticipated deliverables
  • Exploit industry best practices, practices, and standards throughout whole project implementation
  • Screen progress and make modifications as looked-for
  • Measure project performance to recognize areas for development

Despite the fact, it’s tough to identify the exact number for what project managers make but we can say the earnings in different industries vary a lot.

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Qualifications for Project Manager

Generally, skilled project managers are wanted on a varied variety of projects, comprising construction, IT, HR, and marketing.

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, business, or a correlated field
  • Significant years of project management and associated experience
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is usually ideal
  • Upheld aptitude to solve problems resourcefully
  • Solid knowledge of different project management software tools, practices, and best practices
  • Outstanding analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and tremendously resourceful
  • Proven aptitude to complete projects according to sketched scope, budget, and timeline

Can Someone Get a Project Management MBA Online?

Absolutely, experienced professionals do have a busy life and therefore, East Bridge College's online accelerated MBA in project management delivers a much greater degree of flexibility than in-person degrees.

Our innovative study model is globally recognised and you will be rewarded with the certificate by California University FCE, European International University (EIU) and the American Council of Training and Development. We provide multiple devices for seamless learning and you will earn credits for your prior learning as well as experienced in the workplace or the community.

Additionally, you can arrange separate appointments with your instructors for the supervision of your project work or personal coaching at any time from anywhere. Depending on your overall career as well as personal objectives, you will be capable enough to accomplish the program that will prepare you to reach those ambitions.

Do you have any queries? Then contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

Written By : Laura Taylor