A recent statistic in education leadership disclosed that 25% of a school's impression on student achievement can be enlightened by the principal. There’s a strong connection between effective leadership and effective schooling. Unfortunately, the exploration in this area is inadequate, but new development makes us optimistic that better data are on the prospect.

The Educational Leadership path will explore concepts as well as issues behind effective leadership in different educational contexts. You will be able to explore what might be intended by effective learning groups that might contribute to an understanding of leadership.

Major Responsibilities of Educational Administration & Leadership

The major tasks of administration, specifically:

  1. Curriculum and instruction;
  2. School plant management
  3. Personnel management
  4. Finance and Business Management;
  5. School Community Relations

Educational school administrators supervise student facilities, academics, and faculty research at schools, colleges and universities.

Important Questions About Education Leadership Research

1. What skills are required to safeguard feat as a modern school leader?

Indeed, the fundamentals haven't changed but there are also insubstantial skills that cannot be easily trained. Some of the obvious skills for being an effective school leader includes - a good manager, strong organizational skills, interpersonal skills, solid managerial skills, problem-solving skills, computer skills and so on.

Here, credentials matter a lot, thus the Master of Arts in Education with Leadership and Administration for professionals is essential. It will deliver you with chances to explore various effective learning communities, how models of coaching and mentoring might contribute to an understanding of effective leadership along with helping you to make improvements.

Intangible Skills Include ---
  • being visionary and motivating
  • showing compassion
  • being a force for good
  • keeping children at the center of the work
  • being conscious about whether civil rights are being repressed by the culture you build

2. Do principals influence student performance?

Well, quantifying a school leader's influence is methodically challenging. Effective principals usually hire the trained teachers into the right grade levels and offer them the right supports to propel them to feat.

So, how to determine a principal's exclusive impact? It’s crucial to account for variances in school and neighbourhood environments. The answer? Yes, principals do matter-nevertheless, we still have a long way to go before we can surely quantify just how much.

3. What are the features of superior principal preparation programs?

These programs have two primary responsibilities - categorize and admit the most promising applicants, then deliver them with tangible skills that will prepare them to be successful upon advancement. The Online Master of Arts in Education leadership and Administration from East Bridge College is planned to develop your professional practice and help you make improvements.

With the professional training, you will be able to how to supervise the performance of the teachers, manage schooling, relationship with pupils, instil discipline at school and understand how to implement the fluctuations at school etc.

Apart from these critical aspects, there are some more important questions that need to be addressed. 

  • As schools are becoming “community centers”, so, how are principals reaching out to stakeholders in the public and private sector along with to the families of schoolchildren?
  • How frequently are principals getting feedback on their own performance?
  • How much independence do school leaders have to make campus-based choices?
  • Several states and local districts are trying to give parents more educational choices for their kids, how are principals responding to this kind of struggle?

The Master of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership program is planned for professionals as well as academics who want to advance their administrative and leadership abilities within a leadership role. Well, these crucial areas also need to be explored and addressed well. More and more research is needed, analysis is required along with the surveys.

Written By : Elizabeth Garcia