Teaching has been one of the most rewarding jobs out there always. Professionally trained teachers generally have a major impact on the lives of their learners. Certainly, building your teaching skills and qualities to reach your maximum potential is a never-ending process. Whether you’re a newly qualified teacher (NQT) or have several years of classroom experience, there’s always more to learn.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, schools employ millions of teachers, including 1.6 million elementary school teachers. Pre and primary teaching usually deal with fostering young and inquisitive children from prep to grade 6 to make a genuine impression on upcoming generations. There has been always a high demand for quality teachers all across the world, especially in the pre and primary sections.

Continuous development can majorly contribute to your career success and satisfaction. This is why nowadays numerous professionals are strengthening their personal development skills during their careers to better themselves.

Growing Opportunities

School districts offer advancement opportunities to retain good teachers and teachers also can take their careers to a higher level with the availability of an online MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching program. The training provides teaching professionals with greater professional satisfaction and more pay.

In general, we can see educators who outshine at their jobs regularly receive opportunities to extend their parts beyond classrooms. The early years are important and research shows that kids who have undertaken a quality preschool program are more likely to join school equipped with the social, cognitive and emotional skills.

Furthermore, when you pursue an accelerated online degree, you’re prepared with practical skills as well as knowledge that you can apply to your workplace without quitting the job. For example, Master’s program in Pre and Primary Teaching for Professionals where you’ll learn best teaching practices in order to understand the different aspects of pre-primary education. The program can help shape your prior experience and expand your skillset.

When you earn the latest teaching degree, you achieve a huge step in your career. You advance your knowledge, skills as well as experience that will help you both in your career and in life in general. On top of that, you can also increase your confidence. And we all know that greater confidence leads to greater career advancement, isn’t it?

Apart from these attractive advantages, by being exposed to the newest wider professional network through continuing your credentials, you can get to know a lot of new people who may be in similar situations as you or may be the industry experts. Your extended network can be a wealth of information as you advance your own career.

The shortage of skilled primary educators

The shortage of skilled primary educators

Why Master of Arts in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching?

The program is intended to deliver the comprehensive knowledge in the domain of education with a focus on the diverse aspects of pre and primary teaching. You will master the skills in designing the 21st-century classroom, nurturing digital literacy, curriculum development, academic management, educational assessment and evaluation.

The student will master the methods of teaching young learners with upgraded instructional strategies and classroom management skills. If you are passionate about teaching and keen to teach young children, the degree is the perfect choice for you.

Career Options

  • Admissions Counsellor/ Recruiter
  • After school program director
  • Career counselling
  • Camp director
  • Adult education
  • Administration
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Curriculum representative
  • Educational consultant
  • Education policy and research
  • Freelance writing, blogging, podcasting
  • Instructional designer
  • Homeschool consultant
  • Preschool director
  • Recreation director
  • School/child psychologist
  • Textbook author

Earning the Online MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching degree could prepare you for a successful career in education as well as beyond. You will also be qualified for a variety of non-teaching occupations, including corporate trainer, museum docent, curriculum specialist or program designer too.

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Written By : Victoria Lewis