There’s no doubt that MBAs allow professionals to move up the corporate stepladder, advance their income, and become more geared up to meet the high demands of their company. An MBA in HR or human resource guarantees job placements with better salary packages. Therefore, it is one of the most sought after and popular MBA specializations at present. So, have you ever wondered if there is a way to complete an MBA faster? is possible!

Now, companies are looking for potential employees with explicit skills and leadership abilities. An MBA in HR offers valuable assets with a deep understanding of HR management along with nurturing the capacity to lead. In general, HR management entails recruiting, training, orienting, and appraising the employees of an organization.

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Now the hard truth is working professionals want the advantages of an MBA degree but don’t have the time. The busy schedule has become a major problem for end number of passionate professionals who really want to upgrade their careers. Furthermore, in a competitive job market where MBAs are common, having a competency-based specialization in an in-demand field like human resources will help you stand out as a unique candidate.

In today’s world, we all are busy with so many responsibilities. Hence, it is a tough job to find out an MBA degree that will NOT create difficulty in your already busy professional and personal life. To help people like you who would like to finish their dream degree in a short period, a lot of organizations have started to offer the opportunity for an accelerated MBA degree program.

Is it the right degree option for you?

Here is an outline of the accelerated MBA in HR that should facilitate you in deciding if it is the best decision for achieving your future goals.

Accelerated MBA programs are a faster alternative to traditional two to three-year programs. You can complete your studies within ten to fifteen months (depending on your knowledge and experience). This rapid completion time allocates learners to focus in, complete their degree, and enjoy the benefits all in a very fast paced and driven setting. An accelerated online MBA is more affordable with flat tuition rates and fees. These are the shorter pathway to your career advancement.

However, to avoid falling into a trap of scams, you must determine the importance of the program. Check out the most important components to look for in an accelerated MBA program.

  • Earning an accelerated MBA degree from an unidentified or disappointingly recognized college will not add much value to your career. Avoid that!
  • Accreditation is extremely important. Accreditation by a globally recognized accrediting body shows the premium education quality the institution provides for its learners.
  • Another important factor involves professional development. Find out whether the college is offering opportunities to develop professionally through precise academic coursework and first-hand experiences or not!

Program costs differ greatly depending on duration, institution, and location.

Pros of an Accelerated MBA

Consider the following pros while exploring online accelerated MBAs.

  • Curriculum reflects traditional MBAs and is obtainable on a shorter timeline
  • Affordable with flat tuition charges and fees
  • Streamlined with a thorough and focused program of study
  • Huge possibility to make a career switch
  • It usually needs extensive evaluation of literature with independent research
  • You will discover more innovative teaching techniques and instruction models
  • Cohort programs help in building relationships among students and instructors

Remember, just because you are opting for an accelerated option, it does not mean you need to compromise on quality. Accelerated MBA programs let students focus on an industry-specific area of specialization.

Career Options After MBA in Human Resource

You will get opportunities in government sectors, private companies, banking divisions, educational institutes, multinational companies, research, consultancies, and several more. However, please remember salary will be based on your qualification, geographical location, company turnover, and experience.

Different job profiles available to you are:

  1. Human Resource Manager
  2. Human Resource Generalist
  3. Staffing Director
  4. Technical Recruiter
  5. Compensation Manager
  6. Employee Relations Manager
  7. Employment Manager
  8. Director of HR Training and Development
  9. Human Resource Consultant
  10. International HR Professionals
  11. Human Resource Specialist IT
  12. Employee Education Consultant
  13. Human Resource Executive
  14. Human Resource Entrepreneur

Having a degree unites the benefits of an MBA with focused human resource management will set you apart in cutthroat hiring processes. Even, you will also be competing for a number of business-focused jobs that aren't precise to a human resources occupation.

Finally, an accelerated MBA degree may aid you to get employment easier. So, if you've decided that an MBA in human resource management is good for you, get started by considering East Bridge College and you will earn a certificate recognized by the European International University (EIU). The 100% online accelerated degree will fit your hectic schedule and you won’t have to compromise your other important responsibilities. Our graduates have succeeded in entrepreneurship, business operations, human resources, nonprofit management, and many more areas.

You can discuss with our advisor before choosing a certificate path to talk about which option is best for your personal career goals.

Written By : Rebecca Wilson