Midlife career changes don't have to be frightening — you can actually make it pleasing.

Research shows typically people change their jobs 10 to 15 times in their lifetime. However, your career change has to be strategic. A well-researched and considerate career change will lead to greater job fulfilment. In order to accomplish the maximum career opportunity, go for a professional Doctoral degree.

Please keep in mind the professional Doctoral degree programs are different from PhD degrees when it comes to the autonomous research phase.

A professional Doctoral program identifies your practical work experience and mastery of areas. These experiences can be anything such as business administration, economics, learning and development, design thinking and innovation management, etc.

Therefore, your Doctoral research focuses largely on applying current theories and knowledge to your professional area. The degree strengthens your professional practice and qualifies you for certain leadership roles within their industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is no consent on how several times the average person changes careers. However, some common reasons for changing career include:

  • Stress drop
  • Flexibility
  • Salary growth
  • Opportunity for development
  • Feeling of appreciation
  • Possible job relocation
  • Poor associations with co-workers or managers
  • Not a good fit with the company
  • Ineffective leadership at work
  • Company closing

Additionally, COVID19 has also affected the global job-market a lot!

Career is something which includes a lot of thought, planning and determination. A professional Doctoral program is a vital degree for those who are interested in growing and developing their own careers.

Programs Available In Professional Doctorates

  • Professional Doctoral in Accounting 
  • Professional Doctoral in E-commerce
  • Professional Doctoral in Applied Management         
  • Professional Doctoral in Business Management        
  • Professional Doctoral in Economics
  • Professional Doctoral in Human Resource Management
  • Professional Doctoral in Business Administration    
  • Professional Doctoral in International Business
  • Professional Doctoral in Learning & Development
  • Professional Doctoral in Business Studies     
  • Professional Doctoral in Commerce  
  • Professional Doctoral in Design Thinking and Innovation Management      
  • Professional Doctoral in Management
  • Professional Doctoral in Sales & Marketing

An online professional Doctoral may be best appropriate if you want to:

  • Expand your understanding of the practical disciplines of your profession.
  • Participate in action research based on real-world problems related to your current work.
  • Deliver practical solutions to existing difficulties.
  • Aid as an expert and leader in your profession.
  • Encourage positive change in your business.

When you take home a doctorate degree, you will be completely ready for the peak career advancement with new opportunities. The fact is only a very small percentage of the population holds a doctoral degree and it is the highest educational accomplishment possible. After earning the degree, you’ll be in an elite group of achievers.

Earning Online Professional Doctoral Certificate in Business can also position you for salary increases, give you extremely upgraded marketable skills, aid you become a true professional in your field, and better position you for leadership roles.

We all are busy in our lives and especially when you are into a full-time job, it will become very difficult for you to make a balance between your work and education. That’s why choose a degree program that offers flexibility, just like East Bridge College’s Online Professional Doctoral Program in Business. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, and even how to spend your time. Try to prioritize your education and use a planner to plan precise times to do your coursework. Time management is an important place to start.

East Bridge College’s Online Professional Doctoral Certificate in Business degree is globally recognized and you will get the degree from the prestigious European International University (EIU) – Paris. The degree focuses on enhancing your specific job-related skills and competencies.

Are you looking for a Doctoral degree program that will fit your busy schedule? Contact us now!

Written By : Laura Taylor