According to the research, by 2027, the project management-oriented jobs in different sectors are anticipated to grow by 33%, or in other words, closely 22 million new jobs will be there. This establishes the fact that project management is certainly a good career with better salaries and diverse job roles.

However, the reality is project management careers are not easy to crack. You need to be the correct person to handle the innumerable challenges you’re bound to face. The project management is the art and discipline of handling a project smoothly and all of its mechanisms from start to finish.

Job Responsibilities of a Project Manager

The most important responsibilities include:

  • Manage all project management phases
  • Regularly communicating with team members and team meetings
  • Checking and understanding the status of the project and the growth being made on tasks
  • Set and handle project opportunities with external and internal stakeholders
  • Guide, encourage and manage project team members
  • Make correct calculations for revenue and resource supplies
  • Confirm project tasks are performed and swotted well
  • Escalate problems to management when needed
  • Conduct project status meetings
  • Handle projects through KPIs
  • Create recommendations for project improvements
  • Budgeting and cost control, including resource management and cost approval

And so on…

Required Skills for Project Managers

These are generally known as soft skills and hard skills. Following are the skills of the most successful project managers in general ---

  1. A successful project manager must be skilled at navigating conflict resolution situations and resolving tensions.
  2. Project managers must be able to manage the time well.
  3. Additionally, they need to be able to use their leadership skills.
  4. Budgeting skills are crucial.
  5. A compact understanding of business cases and risk management processes is necessary.
  6. Critical thinking is vital.
  7. Ability to make decisions under pressure.
  8. Strong organizational as well as multitasking skills.
  9. Working knowledge of project management tools.
  10. The aptitude to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the most vital skills in project management.
  11. Organization is also one of the most important skills needed to be a project manager.
  12. The best project managers are adaptable.
  13. Great project managers are unflappable.

So, if you’ve ever planned, budgeted, arranged, or documented the growth of a project, you’ve done some basics of project management.

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How to Become a Project Manager?

Here are a few tried and tested techniques that will support you in becoming a Project Management Professional ---

The most upfront way for becoming a project manager is to pursue formal education and training. Online Accelerated MBA in Project Management Degrees is the one that will help you a lot! Earning the certification shows your potential employers that you have the applicable knowledge, skills, and experience essential to work in a project management sector. According to a recent study from Burning Glass Labor Insight, 34% of project management job postings desire or want a professional degree in addition to requiring PMP certification.

The second way is more of a do-it-yourself method. This is frequently followed by those who find themselves driven into a project management capabilities that they didn’t essentially plan for. Depending on how much work experience you already have, it may be probable for you to support your feeble spots through self-guided education. On-the-Job Mentorship also aids!

Once you’ve cultured the skills required to complete the job at hand, you are now ready to enter the project management world. There is no definite secret – remember! The correct secrets of this profession come only with experience. There are several online project management degrees, resources, blogs, and programs that you can follow.

East Bridge College’s online MBA in project management for working professionals program boosts your real-world capabilities, mostly in project management. The degree is precisely planned for the busy working professionals and you can earn credit for your prior learning and experience as well. After the completion of the degree, you will earn the internationally recognized certificate from the prestigious European International University, Paris.

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Written By : Rebecca Wilson