Conventionally, the college has been a four-year progression for earning a bachelor’s degree. For several individuals, a four-year distinctive path of college carries quite a few challenges. Among these difficulties, the chief is being the necessity to work or take care of family responsibilities while studying. The accelerated bachelor’s degree program from USA is for competent learners who are ambitious to shape a global career with an international certification from their comfort zones. 

In order to meet the specific requirements of today’s global marketplace, fortunately, you can complete a bachelor’s degree more rapidly than the projected four years. Yes, we are talking about an accelerated bachelor’s degree program which is completely international job-oriented. This program is being planned for learners that face different issues towards their goals of completing college.

Let us go through some more details on an international accelerated bachelor’s degree program and the aids it has ---

What Is an International Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program?

The cutting-edge program is being calculated to help all those learners who face a lot of complexities in order to complete their educational program. It is for those professionals who wish for formulating a career that possesses an international presence. The major idea behind this 'fast-track' or 'accelerated' programs is that apprentices may save money, accommodation and other expenses at the same time as also getting ready for global employment sector.

The accelerated bachelor’s degree program from USA gets people through their degrees rapidly and out into the workforce in far less time than traditional. We deliver the flexible modes of study that allow learners to cover more classes in suggestively less time by maintaining their work life balance. With this, you won’t have to put in four years of work to earn a degree no longer.

How Do Accelerated Programs Function?

Accelerated online degree programs deliver opportunities so that the learners can work and earn their educational degrees along with job and family commitments in, more appropriate way. These programs also let apprentices earn a bachelor’s degree as soon as 1-2 years by taking credit for courses, attending school year-round, and opting for courses as per their busy schedule.

Instead of attending classes twice a year, learners can take classes whenever they fit into their timetable in accelerated online degree programs. Institutes are basically streamlining their coursework so that the same quantity is being covered in an accelerated degree program, just more speedily. Please note, each institute implements accelerated degree programs in a different way! The faster a learner is able to work, the faster the learner is able to finish.

What Are The Advantages of Accelerated Degree Programs?

Accelerated bachelor’s degree program carries numerous aids that make it worth considering –

Blended Format

The accelerated bachelor’s degree programs incorporate the blended course curriculums. This helps in order to complete the number of periods or hours in a lesser amount of time. In accelerated bachelor’s programs, half of the apprentice’s time is being spent in a schoolroom. The other half stretch is being planned to be accomplished online with innumerable learning activities, virtual lectures, readings, discussion opportunities, and other types of educational activities.


Another benefit of an accelerated bachelor’s degree program is the affordability. Fast-moving through your assignments reduces the amount of tuition you pay in traditional learning. With this type of degree programs, you’ll also be able to avoid paying expensive room and board also.


You will be able to start your college degree whenever you want in an accelerated bachelor’s degree program. As the program is mostly being conducted online, this gives you the additional flexibility to complete your learning around your schedule. This flexible mode provides you with a sufficient amount of time for your family, your office work and you will be able to take care of your other responsibilities while trailing your education.

Growth in your Career Faster

Accelerated bachelor’s degree program also gives your resume an enhancement if you’re looking for an appraisal in a swarming marketplace. If you’re someone who is already working and wants to earn a higher degree in order to grow at work, this is the apt choice. Anybody focused on advancing career through education can benefit from an accelerated bachelor’s degree program.

Some more hands-on advantages of accredited accelerated bachelor’s degree program are as follows:

  • Accelerated bachelor’s degree program lets you earn credit for prior learning.
  • These accelerated degrees are often adult-friendly.
  • Receiving an accelerated degree means you can upsurge your earning potential more speedily.
  • Anyone can pursue the schooling that adjusts with his/her specific requirements, rather than selecting the institute that’s in a geographical area.
  • Accelerated bachelor’s degree program of the East Bridge College allows learners to start earning degree credits while still at high school.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree?

This actually varies from one institute to the next. If someone has already received general education classes under his/her belt, he/she will be able to complete all of the coursework in just 12 to 18 months. Numerous programs, on the other hand, are set up so that earlier coursework straightforwardly transfers in.

If you already took some advanced courses in your high school or have some basic knowledge that you can show through tests, you can get credit for coursework without even taking it. The number of general education requirements you can show, that’s how swiftly you can finish your accelerated degree program.

What Should You Consider While Choosing an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree?

Consider these areas while opting for an accelerated bachelor’s degree program ---

  • Always look for international accreditation so that your primary objective for an international career get boosted.
  • Also, you need to think about your personal timeline to make sure the class-timing feels right for you.
  • Before you start your course, make sure you know well how many credits you're bringing with you. Look for credits which you can earn by the previous learning experience. You can also exchange credits from your previous professional experience as well.
  • Discover what resources your potential college offers in general to balance your work-life.

Needless to say, beware of scams!

Wrapping Up

An accelerated bachelor’s degree program USA is simply a specialized degree program that stereotypically consists of short classes, typically online. Consider the East Bridge College which fulfils both your academic as well as international professional requirements. Our programs are recognised by California University FCE, International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and American Council of Training and Development. East Bridge College is affiliated to the European International University, Paris. All programs are carried out by both the Ministry of Higher Education, France, as well as ASIC, U.K., on a regular basis.

 Good luck!

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Written By : Philip Campbell