Did you know around 50% of doctoral students complete their coursework but never earn a degree?

In general, candidates of a doctoral program bring with them years of recognized education experience. And with their experience, they can earn credits for previous degrees. With a little research, you can select a transfer-friendly doctoral program associated with your career goals.

Earning a business doctoral degree is the ultimate educational degree that you can earn for your career. The timing of the doctoral degree depends on the –

  • Program Design
  • Subject Area of Study
  • The Institution Offering the Program
  • Whether or Not Transfer Credits are Accepted

Credit transfer can reduce the number of classes you need to take to earn a doctoral degree. In short, credit transfer can shave off substantial time and financial investment.

Types Of Credits Transfer Into A Business Doctoral Degree

Knowing the kinds of credits that are suitable will aid you to select the correct doctoral program.

Master’s-Degree Level Credits

To total toward a doctorate in business, master’s-level credits must come from business, healthcare, instructional design or kinds of education courses. If you’ve already completed the 32 credits essential for earning a master’s degree, you can use further graduate credits to gratify elective requirements for a DBA, Ed.D. or even a Ph.D. degree.

While transferring the credits, your program advisor may ask you to deliver more information to assess. Thus, try to be organized and updated. Any information that you have will support you make your case, including the syllabus, course account, learning purposes, reading list, assignments as well as instructor credentials.

Earlier Doctoral Credits

If you started working toward a doctoral degree in business but due to certain reasons, didn’t complete the program then you may be able to apply formerly earned credits to a DBA, Ed.D. or a Ph.D. program. We accept transfer credits toward DBA degrees to help accomplish your dream degree quicker.

Special Licenses and Certifications

There are some licenses, counting superintendent licenses also can fulfil up to 15 of the essential credits for a doctoral degree program.

Things That Are Required To Accept Transfer Credits Into A Business Doctoral Degree


  • Credibility – Credits from an accredited institution
  • Relevance – Relevancy of the learning objectives and syllabus
  • Performance – Grade of the candidate
  • Freshness – How recently has the candidate earned the degree?
  • Precedence – Has the program accepted similar courses in the past?

Nearly half of our doctoral students take benefit from the substantial transfer credit procedure.

Important Things To Look For While Transferring Credits

Evaluation is essential. By evaluating more than the transfer procedure, you can safeguard your doctoral involvement is everything that you want it to be. Here are the major things that you need to think about ---

A Program with Experienced and Solid Faculty

Choose a program with strong faculty. Check whether your trainers hold relevant degrees in the fields they teach.

Reputation of the Institute

Contemplate the industry reputation of the program. Go beyond accreditations, and research the school’s standing in your chosen industry. First-class programs deliver opportunities beyond the classroom.

A Degree that Aligns with Your Career

To keep you motivated, go for a degree that aligns with your career goals.

Search For the Dissertation Methodology

Ask about the dissertation methodology that your selected school offers. Nowadays, many doctoral programs offer personalized dissertation support.

Student-Centered Resources

Check whether the program delivers access to research supporters, editors as well as learning services to push you forward.

When assessing transfer-friendly programs, look for various viable resources. Remember, not all business doctorate programs treat transfer credits correspondingly. However, the fact is that formerly earned credits can aid you to finish your doctoral degree faster and saving money. We are a transfer-friendly organization and we are offering the Professional Doctoral Certificate in Business degree.

Explore East Bridge College’s transfer-friendly business doctorate programs to see how we can help you to reach your career goals.

Written By : Elizabeth Garcia