Did you know according to Statistics Canada, 72% of students hold part-time jobs while going to school?

With today’s high tuition fees, students are now juggling both full-time work and full-time school. However, working full-time and going to school at the same time can be advantageous. It takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation. Therefore, online degree programs for working professionals are becoming so widespread in today’s educational world.

So, which course is best for working professionals?

Well, it entirely depends on the career aspirations and objectives of the person who’s considering earning a professional online degree.

How to Go to School and Work Full-Time?

Consider the following helpful tips to help you balance school and work.

Choose an Online Course That Offers Flexibility

As a full-time working professional, online degree programs for working professionals are something that is perfect for you. These types of programs are very flexible in nature. Find a course program that offers the flexibility you want, maybe allowing you to study during the weekends when you’re not that much busy. Earn a degree at your pace. Online programs have evolved greatly.

Don’t Forget To Take Care of Yourself

Working full-time and studying both can be physically and emotionally draining. Generally, it becomes a hard time prioritize self-care. Try to get a good night’s sleep. Trust us, this simple thing can make all the difference in your outbreak of day-to-day tasks. Lack of sleep makes it harder to focus and be productive.

Also, try to hit a gym or yoga centre or Zumba or anything that you are comfortable with. Any kinds of physical activity make your body and mind more energetic. You will have a healthier lifestyle and mindset. Try to schedule just an hour a day to destress by reading a book or watching an episode of one of your favorite Netflix shows. Needless to say, having a break every now and then will essentially make you more well-organized in your daily tasks.

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Hone Your Time-Management Skills

When you’re balancing the tasks of working full-time and earning a degree, it becomes very essential for you to know how to manage time. Plan out most of your week in advance, block off time to work, and make parts in your agenda exclusively for study. It takes a lot of effort and self-discipline to generate a plan and stick with it. Furthermore, it’s also significant to plan some time to study, hang out with your family and friends, eat, sleep, and even unplug and recover.

Ask for Help

Don’t be terrified to ask for help. Believe it or not, it’s not possible to do it all without support. Ask your boss about flex-time or condensed hours. Take advantage of programs like deferred pay, leaves of absence or job sharing. Communicate to your boss that your job is vital to you and that you want to be a decent employee. Various employers are keen to help you once they understand your educational efforts can benefit them.

Treat Yourself

Celebrate small wins. Take a mental-health break every day. It’ll help your mind stay on track. Work smarter, not harder. Stay away from time wasters. Take regular breaks, get enough sleep, stay physically active, get out into the great out-of-doors and let yourself enjoy some of what life has to offer. Identify the signs of burn-out. Do whatever it takes to be kind to yourself in the middle of all of this pressure.

Brush Up Your Communication Skills

Competent communication skills are essential. When it comes to balancing school and full-time work, communication actually is key. Try to have open communication with your managers and professors. Why? Because they will certainly help you when you will feel overawed with your workload. Thus, communicating effectively will help you in the long run.


To end with, always remember your long-term goals. Consider online degree programs for professionals. Maintaining a full-time job with school is not that much easy to accomplish but it can be achievable. When you mess up, make an apology and move on.

We hope that these tips will help you!

Written By : Brenda Martin