The highest probable degree you can earn in any field is a Doctorate or a PhD. However, unfortunately, Doctorate degrees aren’t always that easy to earn. Anybody who wants to gain an executive or leadership position can hugely benefit from getting their Doctorate.

A professional Doctorate degree requires time with complete dedication. However, if you find yourself asking, “what should I get my Doctorate in?” this list might just help you out if you’re looking to have an answer.

Sales & Marketing

Doctorate degrees are an extension of the essential skills that you need to be a successful marketing leader in today’s world. Successful marketing executives need excellent research, communication and leadership skills. If you are someone who’s interested in marketing, Professional Doctorate in Sales & Marketing or Professional Doctorate in Business Management is perfect for you.

The Doctorate degree programs are very flexible, fit to your busy lifestyle, allowing you to pursue everything while working. You will get opportunities like –

  • Becoming a professor or researcher in academia
  • Adding value to your professional experience
  • Pursuing original research, rather than studying current research
  • Becoming a marketing leader

These business Doctorate degree programs prepare you to put theories into practice. These also help in evolving your practical market research aptitudes by applying them to real-world business encounters. Needless to say, these will also sharpen your managerial skills.

Human Resources

In today’s world, the human resources department must become skilled in remote work management, chatbot technology, data analytics as well as human resources software. So, if you are interested in this department, Professional Doctorate in Human Resource Management is something that you should consider.

Lucrative careers for human resources are –

  • Senior HR Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Senior HR Consultant
  • Senior Executive Recruiter
  • Senior Compensation and Benefits Manager

You’re intrusive, self-motivated, and enjoy training others, this degree might be a good fit.

Business Administration

To improve the communication and leadership skills, nowadays, more and more business professionals are pursuing Professional Doctorate in Business Administration. Professional Doctorate in Business Studies is also another option for you. Each program is designed to help professionals accomplish their precise career goals. You will get opportunities like –

  • Securing higher business leadership positions
  • Opportunities to gain qualitative and quantitative research skills to make better business decisions
  • Chance to apply leadership theory to real-world business challenges
  • Opportunities to conduct original research studies with advanced business theories

A business major who is creative will certainly have a multitude of career possibilities. Some other lucrative careers that are available are - Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, Actuary, Accountant, etc.

Picking the Right Doctorate Degree Program

We understand that choosing a right Doctorate degree is challenging. With the snowballing demand for ground-breaking leaders endures rising the popularity of Doctorate degree programs across all industries. An online Doctorate degree program set you separately from other leaders in your business.

Furthermore, Doctorate degree holders have the lowest average unemployment rate of any level of educational accomplishment. However, in employment, location matters. Also, the industry employing a Doctorate degree holder is correspondingly important.

Some other trending Doctorate degrees that you may consider are –

  • Professional Doctorate in Accounting
  • Professional Doctorate in Advertising
  • Professional Doctorate in Applied Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Business Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Business Studies
  • Professional Doctorate in Commerce
  • Professional Doctorate in Design Thinking and Innovation Management
  • Professional Doctorate in E-commerce
  • Professional Doctorate in International Business

To End With

We hope you find it helpful. Professional online Doctorate degree programs are getting popular day by day. If you’re looking for a flexible and trustworthy doctoral program, we will give you the knowledge with skills that you need to lead in your field. A professional Doctorate program recognizes your practical work experience and mastery of areas.

Explore our complete list of online Doctorate programs to discover your options!

Written By : Somsak Chen