East Bridge College provides the ample opportunities for busy working professionals in order to accomplish their dream degrees faster without quitting their jobs. With time, the formal education faced a lot of challenges to meet the pedagogical requirements of adult distance learning.

We are a booming international institution and we offer upgraded Adult Degree Programs in affiliation with European International University, Paris. Education is changing constantly, and nowadays, educators need access to updated resources to continue being effective. In order to help our students, there are numerous ways we support educators, and the following are the top 5.

How East Bridge College is Supporting its Students?

We are purely dedicated to making an educational degree possible for everyone. Here are the ways East Bridge College supports educators ---

Globally Accredited and Reliable

We truly understand the value of accreditation. Hence, for us, it has always been a high priority to attain global accreditation to prepare educators with ascribed, respected, and trustworthy degrees. Our courses offer the highest standards, starting from effective teaching, to learning support, to the ethical manner and so on.

East Bridge College has accepted its recognition with California University FCE. The major purpose of this affiliation is to empower students as well as graduates to earn nationally and regionally accredited institutions. East Bridge College is also accredited by INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ORGANIZATION. Moreover, we have also met all requirements in accordance with the globally recognized standard for higher education with the American Council of Training and Development.

East Bridge College is also affiliated with European International University (EIU), Paris. We are an international educational institution that operates independently with a formal collaborative agreement with EIU.

Globally Experienced Faculties

All the degree programs have been designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills for success. Our faculties have a broadly diverse group of academics, mentors as well as educators. The team consists of industry leaders, executives, government officials and more. All of them support the goal of reasonably priced as well as accessible education for all.

We rely on a worldwide network of teachers, along with an international connection with other educational establishments. We always respond within 24 working hours. If our students want to talk to us, they can do that on all working days. Our instructors always focus on providing detailed feedback to our students so that they can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and work on them accordingly. Our instructors are bound by an obligation to provide relevant and constructive comments for any work that has a final grade lower than 3.0 (70%).

Flexible Learning

You can complete your degree on your schedule. Our programs will allow you to move through your program at your own pace, speeding up or slowing down as you deem necessary. We offer a number of options for flexibility that isn’t as easily attained in traditional programs. We also offer a framework for learning and delivering engaging multi-device eLearning courses in today's world with full compatibility with your life and work.

You can move through your program at your own pace, speeding up or slowing down as you deem necessary. Some of our courses also have live online lectures by Industry experts from time to time. You can access the lectures at any time and at your one pace.

Fast Application Procedures

For busy working professionals, lives are busy, and the college application process shouldn't add another arduous task to their already long to-do list. Our simple application process is hassle-free, completely online, and takes less than four minutes to complete. The admission process is simple and straightforward. Our online degree programs are comprehensive and convenient, helping further your education around your busy schedule.

Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

We completely understand that vital learning takes place outside of the classroom. With the Prior Learning from Experience program, you can get credit for what you've learned in the workplace or the community. At EBC, going back to college doesn’t have to mean starting over all again with our generous transfer credit policy.

We always try to make it simple and seamless to transfer previously earned credits into a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program. Our credit transfer policy not only saves your time but also saves tuition dollars and removes the hassle of taking repeat classes or re-learning concepts.

The East Bridge College is dedicated to making it possible for busy working professionals to earn an employer-respected degree 100% online.

To End With

The East Bridge College offers opportunities to busy working professionals to study at a university with global reach so that our students can balance work, school and life. Our online accelerated degree programs are exclusively focused on adult learners. Explore a range of cutting-edge degree program options and find the degree program or major that's right for you.

Written By : Victoria Lewis