The Fruitful Academic Journey of Dr Vipin with East Bridge College

Meet our scholar Dr Vipin, who’s K-12 Principal, Curriculum Expert & Counselor. He has recently completed the Professional Doctorate in Education program. He magnificently manages a school with 3000 students, education program budgets, categorizes areas of development and organizes events to promote Life Skills services.

Dr Vipin is also the India Book of Record Achiever 2021 and published two research articles on ICT Education and Indian Retail Industry. He has a passion and desire to research & explore the field of education. Apart from these, he has also received the Special Honor from the Chief Minister of Punjab, India for the largest Sampling plantation across the city.



He holds a PG Diploma: International PG Dip. In School Management & TEFL as well. Recently, he has earned a prestigious Doctorate degree in education from the East Bridge College in an academic association with the European International University – EIU Paris

How did he balance his job with study for Professional Doctorate in Education- explained by Dr Vipin

He says, studying and working at the same time can be challenging, annoying, and tiring. But he founds it pretty interesting as the area of his research was very much relevant to his present job profile. He also states that it is important to have a strong understanding of time management skills as perfect time management skills will make it easier. He said it is not impossible to do well in both and to keep a fun, healthy work-study-life balance along the way.

Moreover, your mentor/professor will be there to help you succeed so don’t hesitate to contact them or send an email with your questions. Scholars who specialize in education will certainly play a crucial role in building the next generation.

The Advantages of A Professional Doctorate in Education

Dr Vipin has clearly said that he wants to continue progressing in his educational career field and after the course completion, he received various career opportunities with lots of output from employers after reviewing his resume.

The degree opened lucrative positions like director, academic principal, and head school were being offered to him. This degree delivers professional credibility for those already in a field. A doctorate degree also delivers the skill to contribute to your area of study more. It is the highest level of Education. Doctorate programs formulate graduates to get into leadership positions as well as upper levels of professional breaks.

Moreover, holding a doctoral degree attracts more companies throughout the workforce. Earning a professional doctorate instantly places you in a highly known and marketable place. You will also get career flexibility and security by developing advanced problem-solving skills.

The biggest takeaway of Dr Vipin from our doctorate degree program is the individualized and differentiated learning on a specific reach-based program that can take place in the education industry. He also said that he loved the seminars and research skill presentations by the college representatives which had given him a broad knowledge of the research scope.

In-demand Professional Doctorate Specializations in Education

Professional Doctorates help to shape a specific career path depending on the degree. For example, candidates can gain advanced knowledge in the fields of curriculum and instruction, education, educational administration and leadership, educational psychology, special education, teaching.

In today’s 21st-century world, research and problem-solving are essential for making important decisions in both the professional and academic spheres. Research is an irreplaceable tool for any student, professor, or professional.

East Bridge College’s online professional Doctorate degrees are globally recognized and are highly employable. We are committed to helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. We will help to advance your professional qualifications along with a personal sense of accomplishment. We provide scholars with the opportunity to gain experience, develop essential skills, and make lifelong contributions to society.

  • Professional Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Doctorate in Education Administration & Leadership
  • Professional Doctorate in Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Special Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Teaching

Written By : Philip Campbell