A thesis is not something you can generate in a few days. It needs a lot of patience and is a large-scale project. For numerous students, doing research sounds captivating yet frustrating as well. In several countries, you have to write a thesis to finish your graduate degree. Certainly, preparing a thesis starts with selecting the right topic. We know this sounds understandable, but it is undeniably crucial.

In general, thesis writing consists of two parts:

  • Arranging your content and writing the text
  • Next typically follows part one

So, how to write a thesis like a pro? Let us find out!

Tips To Prepare An Excellent Thesis

Following are the proven approaches that will help you to write a thesis perfectly ---

Prepare Well For Questions

Did you know you can actually prepare for most of the questions you will be asked? Create a list of possible questions while reading through your thesis. Furthermore, you will definitely know who will be on the committee so try to look at the academic knowledge of the committee members as well. Sit at other thesis defences with these committee members if that is possible. The research question is the backbone of your theory as your thesis is your methodical answer to your research question.

Do Not Ignore the Methodology Section

This is the section where you truly show your examiner that you recognize how to do research. Try to read articles and books on philosophy, research strategy, research approach etc. Needless to say, make sure your referred materials are related to your field of study. Work very closely with your supervisor to ensure you understand what you are writing. If you did a decent job with the Methodology segment, your data collection along with analysis will flow effortlessly.

Write In An Academic Style

We all know that academic language is detailed, unambiguous, and accurate. It needs the use of full sentences with particular terminology with no superfluous synonyms. So, it is important not to undervalue the time it takes to write a good academic text. A good academic text is clear to the point of not parting with any uncertainties about what is intended without demanding any further information. Try to discuss with someone about your project as this can help you release your thoughts.

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Proofreading and Spell-Check Are Must

We recommend being cautious of relying on spell-check software only. Why because software may spot typos, but it is questionable to handle the challenges of academic texts. Moreover, the software may not tell the specific terminology of your discipline. So, you see autocorrection may ruin your point. A human proofreader will always spot these irregularities while software is probable to let you down.

Understand How To Deal With Challenging Situations

What to do when you don't know the answer?  Though you can formulate some questions but the fact is you can never know what the committee will ask exactly. Gaps will be there certainly. However, it is important to remember that thesis defense is not just knowing everything, it's all about how you deal with challenging circumstances. You are not anticipated to know everything.



  • Understand that you need to dress as if you were in a job interview or giving a paper at a conference. Dress professionally.
  • Technology is unpredictable so always try to have a backup plan. Make sure to have a plan B like handouts can help when technology fails.
  • Certainly, you will be nervous and your examiners will expect you to be nervous. Let yourself process the question and then respond to it.
  • Write a little every day and you should try to give yourself as much time as possible to write.
  • While working on a large-scale project, it is important to take breaks. You can't stay focused and on-task 100% of the time, right?

Win That Thesis Defence Game

In a nutshell, preparing a thesis is definitely a lot of work. Analyze your resources for each of the stages, and keep in mind that most supervisors have limited time accessible to guide their learners. At East Bridge College, we provide one to one thesis supervision service to our students while completing their professional degrees.

Good luck writing your thesis!

Written By : Somsak Chen