Double-degree programs empower students to earn two degrees in a comparatively short amount of time. They can earn two-degree certificates after completing the Double-degree program. Learners with Double Degrees expand their skill sets in varied fields to develop their knowledge along with career options. The student can pursue the course from two different university degrees in corresponding.



The concept is more widespread in European Union. Depending on the suitability of the student, nowadays, there are now stream-changing courses. Moreover, you can get entry to numerous specializations as per your choice at the same time.

Please note, dual-degree and double-major programs are not the same ones.

Difference Between a Double Degree and a Double Major

A Double Degree and a Double Major both can lead to different results. Let us find out ---

  • Double Degrees generally confer two separate diplomas
  • Double majors are more flexible
  • Double majors usually have more diversity
  • In Double Degrees, curricular requirements differ by program. Learners typically need to fulfill practicum and capstone requirements for both degrees. In double major, students usually need to complete the capstone requirements for one major only
  • Double Degrees mean two separate degrees but in a double major, you will get one degree with two areas of specialization


Now, you must be wondering which one is better. Well, this entirely depends upon your academic history along with career objectives. Additionally, the value of a double major or Double Degree perspective varies by employer.

What is a Double Degree Program?

Double Degree programs allow you to increase your in-depth knowledge by developing the related skills in two disciplines. As a result, you will earn two credentials. The Double Degree programs can expand your career opportunities, since you shape a multidisciplinary aptitude. You will qualify for different managerial positions.

Furthermore, dual-degree programs consist of overlapping classes that can support students save money. It allows students to study two or more fields at the same time. These programs classically follow a laborious and prearranged curriculum set by the university.

How Do Dual-Degrees Function?

Generally, Double Degree programs follow a predetermined structure. Because of this, students get the chance to enter the workforce and start earning sooner. For example, instead of completing a separate bachelor's degree and then a master's degree, dual-degree programs can be completed in a shorter period of time. Double Degrees are also known as double degrees or combined degrees. It is inexpensive to get a Double Degree than each degree discretely.

How does a Double Degree program work – this depends on the program and the university.

How long does it take to get a Double Degree? That depends on which degrees you're considering.

You can attend a Double Degree program part-time as well but this pursuit will take a longer period of time. Basically, the complete point of getting a Double Degree is to accelerate your education.

Reasons You Should Consider Earning a Double Degree

How much will it help your professional career? Let us find out ---

  • Certainly, it reinforces your employability prospects. A Double Degree gives added value to your CV. It can help you stand out among the crowd.
  • Earning a Double Degree means your connections will double. Along with it, your networking aptitudes will flourish.
  • You’ll be a striking hire for potential companies with a Double Degree.
  • A big plus of a Double Degree program is saving money.
  • A Double Degree is stereotypically faster than earning each degree separately.
  • Dual-degree students frequently develop excellent time management skills.

Double Degrees from abroad are legal but it is always recommended to do background research at first.

Pro Time Management Tips for Managing a Double Degree

Keep these tips in your mind while managing the stress ---

  • It's important to find friends or family members who will help you to make the right decision when you look for some encouragement and emotional support.
  • Plan ahead as prioritizing and pre-planning is your best shield against deadlines that are creeping up on you.
  • Don’t panic! Rather prioritize and decide what you need to do first.
  • Staying healthy both physically and mentally is important! Don’t use lame excuses.
  • The issue with multi-tasking is that it consumes more of your energy than normal, so avoid multi-tasking.

See Your Career Reach New Heights

We understand that earning a Double Degree is not an easy task, thus, our globally accredited Double Degree programs will make your life easier. Your academic credentials let you fulfill minimum hiring criteria and we provide one to one student support. We deliver an understanding that you need to make your career easier. That may not always be through our products.


Written By : Philip Campbell