In the current situation, the source of skilled special education professionals is far behind the essential number. The requirements of the children with special needs are individual and the way of teaching them should run in such individual way itself. Consequently, there is a great demand for the qualified SEN professionals.

Post Graduate Diploma in SEN with specialisation in inclusive and intercultural classroom is a highly sought-after course for teachers as well as special education practitioners who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field of special educational needs (SEN). The course not only prepares teachers to work with children with special needs but also equips them to teach in diverse and inclusive classrooms.

Scope Of The Program

Here are some fascinating reasons why people prefer this course:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of special educational needs and the strategies to support inclusive learning. It covers a wide range of topics including assessment, intervention, and curriculum adaptations.
  2. Practical Experience: The program includes practical experience in working with children with special needs in a variety of settings. This provides teachers with hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world situations.
  3. Professional Development: The course is an excellent professional development opportunity for teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of special education.

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4. Career Opportunities: Completing a teaching diploma in special education opens up a range of career opportunities, including becoming a special education teacher, an inclusion specialist, or an educational consultant.

5. High Demand: There is a high demand for qualified special education teachers, and completing a SEN program makes candidates highly competitive in the job market.

6. Inclusive Learning: The program equips teachers with the skills to create inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments that meet the needs of all learners.

7. Evidence-based Practice: The program is based on evidence-based practices, which are proven to be effective in supporting children with special needs.

8. Flexibility: The program is designed to be flexible, with online and blended learning options available. This allows teachers to balance their coursework with their teaching responsibilities.

9. International Recognition: The course is internationally recognized, providing teachers with the opportunity to work abroad and expand their professional network.

10. Personal Satisfaction: Working with children with special needs is highly rewarding, and completing the course brings a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment.

Job Opportunities in Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education:

  • Schools with department of special education
  • SOS Children's community
  • Welfare organisations
  • Government department
  • NGO
  • Special schools
  • Schools for the hearing impaired
  • Schools for the visually impaired
  • News companies
  • Institutes
  • Consultancies that provide Special Education Trainers to Schools
  • Rehabilitation Centers

You can become –

  • Teacher
  • Junior Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Technical Writer
  • Educational Counsellor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Shadow Teacher
  • Content Writer
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Principal
  • Online Tutor
  • Instructional Designer

To End With

If you are someone who is passionate about working with children with special needs, completing a Post Graduate Diploma in SEN with Specialisation in Inclusive and Intercultural classroom is the perfect way to advance your career. Apply today to become a highly qualified special education teacher and make a positive impact in the lives of children with special needs.

Written By : Elizabeth Garcia