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Did you know only 25 percent of senior roles are held by female employees on a global scale?


Not only that, but right now, one of the major difficulties that women face at work is breaking that leadership glass ceiling. Unfortunately, this is a global problem and is widespread across countless sectors. Women need to take more charge of their careers if they are to overcome societal along with personal barriers. 

According to Forbes, “Female CEOs illustrated greater empathy, adaptability and diversity more frequently than their male peers, per a survey of nearly 8,500 companies across 61 countries.”

That’s why most of the organizations are working towards achieving greater gender equality as well as omitting the gender wage gap. Nevertheless, important growth has been made in this part but we can still see a critical dearth of women in positions of influence. Thus, we need to create improved strategies and opportunities for women in leadership. In return, this produces a harmonious association that generates results as well as developing in a future-ready organization.

According to the World Economic Forum, women have 30% more neurons firing at any moment than men.

Reasons Why We Need More Women In Leadership Roles

We have come up with the following reasons that show the importance of women in leadership roles ---

Fresh Perspectives

Needless to say diverse experiences and perspectives play a noteworthy role in nurturing innovation in organizations. Through this, businesses with advanced degrees of variety tend to expand with lower diversity fractions. Women usually study more minor specifics with diverse views along with a sense of awareness. And when women become leaders, they bring new understandings, along with cultural diversity to the companies. Certainly, this results in more fruitful resolutions.

More Empathic

Definitely, an empathic leader does recognise that everyone observes the world in a different way without passing any partial judgment. Empathy is frequently measured as one of the utmost superpowers a female holds. An empathic leader can attend to their team rather than dictate, therefore fixing them for success. This simplifies the intensive exchange of thoughts and gives a fresh viewpoint about things.

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Better Communicators

In everyday aspects of life, women are great at communicating along with collaborating too. These things are making them better communicators. Women leaders will use this capacity to have more expressive dialogues with co-workers, and associates, ensuing in an open line of communication with a sense of precision. Needless to say, open communication empowers clarity in performing responsibilities.

Better Crisis Managers

Women possess the potential of leadership that are most attractive, particularly in case of possibility. People-growth is the capacity to set clear standards and rewards, the ability to serve as a role model, the ability to inspire, and participatory decision-making are all examples. Women are naturally trained caregivers who manage domestic crises with compassion as well as patience.


Prioritise Self-development
Certainly, self-development is an enduring process. Dweck’s research has revealed that learners who believe they can progress their intellectual aptitudes, work harder and perform better than those who think their aptitudes are a fixed trait. Women in leadership roles mostly hire a growing mindset to learn more, stay inquisitive, obtain new skills, and continuously involve in self-growth.

Empowering Women For Leadership Roles

  • Companies and groups that commit to encouraging women in leadership must allot time and capital to support women’s higher education along with professional training programs.
  • HR leaders need to make organisational goals that involve gender-balanced players and promote female leadership in mind. Regular service reviews are also essential to identify gender discrimination or prevailing pay gaps. They also need to create an action plan to resolve these issues inside.
  • Companies and organisations must encourage inclusive language, and support systems that build a female-friendly setting.
  • Organizations should have flexible work programs to suit women employees.
  • It is found that women earn less than men, still. Discrimination does exist in the workplace in several ways. Also, sexual harassment in workplace is not a new thing.
  • An effective career mapping for women is also required. This allows women employees to become aware of opportunities.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • High quality and inexpensive childcare and elder care.

A Journey Towards Equality

The good news is beyond business, women leaders from across generations are working together to find new resolutions to the world's major problems now. Developing job requirements are empowering women. Correspondingly, the female brain is naturally strengthened for long-term tactical vision as well as community building. We must empower women with leadership roles so that we can create a better tomorrow.

How Professional Doctorate Program can help women leaders

In conclusion, women have a unique set of skills and qualities that make them excellent leaders in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world. However, despite making up nearly half of the workforce, women are still underrepresented in leadership positions. This is where professional doctorate programs come in. These programs provide women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to break through the glass ceiling and succeed in leadership roles.

With the right tools and resources, women can unleash their full potential and make a significant impact in their chosen fields. Professional doctorate programs offer women the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, expand their networks, and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

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Written By : Rebecca Wilson