The month of March brings forth the onset of an emotional cocktail blended with expectation and anxiety, as it is often associated with performance appraisals and promotions in an organization. The evaluation process conducted by company managers determine the eligibility of an appraisal or promotion of an employee that leads to the employee’s career advancement while highlighting the areas of improvement for future growth and development.

However, there exists a possibility of being overlooked for an appraisal or a promotion that hinders an individual’s opportunity for career advancement. This can be due to an individual’s lack of adequate qualification or expertise in carrying out the assigned designation. Basically, they are unable to showcase or benchmark the qualification which is required for that particular position.

In this article, we will focus on how Pursing an online Professional Doctorate in Business will not only combat such obstacles but also help in moving forward from a missing an appraisal to securing the deserved promotion.

How can a Professional Doctorate in Business Help?

Missed appraisals and promotions can be extremely demoralizing for all those hardworking employees who are looking forward to advance in their careers and it can lead to a feeling of undervaluation and a lack of trust in the organisation. With the help of a professional doctorate in business an individual will be able to benchmark their qualification and expertise that will give them an extra edge over others in terms of getting an appraisal and securing a promotion.

1.Acquire Special Skills

A professional Doctorate in Business comprises the knowledge and skills pertaining to the important areas of business like marketing, operations and finance. This not only allows one to develop special skills and expertise required in the relevant field but also benchmark their qualification in that particular designation, showcasing why they are suitable for that position.

2.Networking Opportunity

One of the benefits of pursuing an online professional Doctorate in business is that it provides networking opportunity that allows an individual to expand his professional network. The benefit of collaboration and networking provided by the online course aims to promote cooperation between students, professors, and industry professionals. This not only enhances their knowledge but also provide opportunities that can help with career advancement.

2.Showcase your dedication to Professional Growth

Applying for an online professional doctorate in business portrays your dedication to professional development as you are willing to invest your time and effort to gain the knowledge and skills required in the revenant field. This creates a positive impression in your organization and the chances of being considered for a future promotion or appraisal increases.

3.Execute Researching Benefits

A Professional Doctorate in Business provides the benefit of conducting research pertaining to the individual’s organization. This allows him to provide useful insights that can aid in meeting the goals, financial profitability, combating challenges and overall growth of the company. By demonstrating the applicability of research, one can be a valuable asset to the organization.

5. Develop Leadership Skills

The program offers practical experience and allows an individual to profess leadership skills, where they learn how to communicate, lead a team and make tactical choices. These skills showcase the individual competency and leadership skills making him a candidate for future promotion.


Here are the Top Online Professional Doctorate Program for Business Offered by East Bridge College (EBC)

  • Professional Doctorate in Business Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Professional Doctorate in Business Studies
  • Professional Doctorate in Human Resource Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Learning & Development
  • Professional Doctorate in Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Sales & Marketing
  • Professional Doctorate in Design Thinking and Innovation Management
  • Professional Doctorate in Advertising
  • Professional Doctorate in E-commerce

According to a survey done by PayScale, as of March 2023 an individual with a Professional Doctorate in Business earned an average salary of $123,000 per year in the United States. According to a survey 63% of people with a Professional Doctorate in Business in statistics have increased salaries after getting their degrees. Several research shows that those with a Professional Doctorate degree tend to earn higher salaries and thereby have professional growth and job satisfaction.

A Professional Doctorate in Business from EBC is a specialized program that aims to prepare working executives and students for gaining an executive position in the competitive world of business. It allows individuals keen for career advancement to imbibe the knowledge and skills along leadership qualities required to excel in the relevant field of business.

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How to apply for a Professional Doctorate in Business from EBC?

Online professional Doctorate Programs from East Bridge College includes four steps:

Fill out the online application form with all the important details like phone number, email ID etc.

• After submission of the online application form, you will receive a call from an admission executive from EBC for basic queries and an email containing the program details will be forwarded to you.

• Once your enrolment is confirmed, a mail containing the details about the program fees payment will be sent to you.

• You will receive an online admission form after receiving the payment confirmation for the program

• Fill up the form to gain online access to the program.

Duration of the Program- The duration for a Professional Doctorate degree from East Bridge College (EBC) is for 36 months. However you may choose to complete it faster even within 12 months, which means applying for the online program now will automatically impart the adequate qualification and expertise one requires for the well-deserved promotion or appraisal this time next year.

Final takeaway

In conclusion, missed appraisals or promotions tend to be an extremely common workplace issues that can have major implications on the professional and personal development of an employee. Applying for an Online Professional Doctorate in Business and equipping oneself with the qualification and expertise that will provide future prospects of getting a promotion or appraisal is one way of addressing this issues.

Written By : Philip Campbell