Women’s labour force contribution has grown meaningfully throughout the past centuries. Nevertheless, despite this development, noteworthy wage gaps between men and women persist. Along with that, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of median, in 2020, women earned 84% of what men earned in the United States. Thus, what precisely is the gender wage gap? Why it is prevailing? Let us go through it!

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap measures the variance between the regular wages of women and men in any organization. It is a globally established measure of women’s situation in the economy in comparison to men. It is the consequence of social as well as financial features that syndicate to cut women’s wage capacity over their time.

The gender pay gap generally reflects discriminations along with the discrimination in the labour market that frequently affect women. Please consider these following factors that explain what gender pay gap is NOT ---

  • The gender pay gap is not the difference between two individuals being paid in a different way for work, which is illicit.
  • The gender pay gap is not initiating from the fact that women take time off for motherhood.
  • A wage gap exists irrespective of women selecting lower-paying careers than men.

The gender pay gap is a compound matter that will necessitate strong as well as comprehensive solutions.

gender pay gap in USA
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Reasons that drive the gender pay gap

Here we tried to explore what the various research is telling us. Following are the influential factors including:

  • Women’s inconsistent share of unpaid caring and domestic labour.
  • Differences in industries and are factual across all businesses as well as the vast mainstream of professions, at all levels. Conscious along with insentient discernment, favouritism in hiring and pay decisions.
  • Discernment, predominantly around the maternity leave, remains common. Motherhood also sometimes lead to disruptions in women’s career paths and have an influence on long-term salaries.
  • Lack of workplace flexibility that requires long hours with endless availability, whereas women can be found juggling family responsibilities and so on. As a result, there are more senior men than women in organizations which has a negative consequence on the gender pay gap.
  • Women also go through a lot of challenges accessing jobs in better-paid ‘male’ industries like mining or construction. Male subjugated trades also offer expressively higher levels of discretionary expenditures.
Gender Pay Gap Mothers fathers
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Indeed, these are just some of the foremost reasons for the gender wage gap. Also, it is significant to remember that numerous of these aspects can be directly as well as indirectly inclined by discrimination based on gender, race or society.

Why the gender pay gap is significant?

Gender pay impartiality is important for economies and societies to develop. It is a critical issue not just for human resources, but for all of us. Closing the gender wage gap substances for a comprehensive range of stakeholders and also disturbs an establishment’s performance, office culture and bottom line too.

A 2021 GoBankingRates survey found that women, on usual, have much less money saved in an extra endowment than men. Moreover, when it comes to retirement funds, women lag still more behind their male colleagues. Another 2020 report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) reveals half of all American families with children under 18 depend heavily on a working mother’s wages. It is also needless to say the gender wage gap can be exhausting for women that eventually affects the women’s health both mentally and physically.

Additionally, the higher wages for women now would mean more children escaping poverty. Sooner or later, just about everyone in the humanity would benefit.

Fixing Approach To Gender Pay Gap

Indeed, for most of the establishments, equality, miscellany and enclosure are at the core components of their strategies. The gender wage gap is not only intricate but it is also stubborn. As the gender pay gap has no one particular reason, there isn’t a rapid fix when it comes to tumbling the issue. These approaches may help in improving the area of concern effectively:

Transparency: This the simplest way to deal with the gender pay gap. A recent Payscale study on pay transparency found that transparency can totally eradicate the gender pay gap. The variance is predominantly noticeable at the management level. In order to address the issue, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) outlines some steps that companies can implement to make pay more translucent including regular pay audits and so on.

Flexible Work Plans: Putting more importance on work-life balance is necessary to close the gender pay gap. More flexibility could be vast support to parents, fathers as well as mothers. This would help in making it easier for parents to play a better role in bringing up their children without being stressed out that their wages will take a big hit.

Tools to Classify Favouritism: However, technology cannot holistically address the issue alone. Though, it can aid as a substance for a change when accompanied by a swing in mindset, various rules and principles. Technology solutions can deliver the neutrality and transparency needed in closing the wage gap. Technology solutions can also help decision-makers and HR professionals with the competencies and transparency they need in maintaining an employee’s journey in an organization.

Family-Friendly Plans: Some of the examples of family-friendly policies include:

  • To provide paid sick leave for employees.
  • Paid Parental Leave.
  • Preventing Pregnancy Discrimination.
  • Policies for Protecting Caregivers.
  • Paid Medical Leave.

Shifting gender roles in the office, as well as the home, can also play a big role in closing the gender pay gap.

Raise the Minimum Wage: Hovering the minimum wage would also certainly affect all low-wage workers irrespective of gender. Also, raising the minimum wage would have an instantaneous effect in terms of narrowing the gender pay gap by lifting women out of scarcity.

More Access to Childcare: With costs are getting higher than education, this means that childcare is high-priced for numerous employees, particularly those receiving the lowest wage. More access to reasonably priced childcare would help in closing the gender wage gap by retaining more working mothers in your workforce.


Fixing the gender pay gap will take much more time. Closing the gap will signify altering either the structure of the establishment, our understandings of gender roles and so on. This will be hard, but it’s worth working for. In the long-run progression, this could provide both men and women more options about career choices. In the period in-between, people can do their best to deal with the pay gap on their own by truly international online degree programs. But along with these prospects, there’s still plenty of work to do.

Written By : Eugene Baker