When it comes to career advancement, that daunting predicament of choosing the right path in terms of career choice is an extremely common phenomenon in every ambitious individual. With the constant evolution in the business landscape upgrading oneself with the skills and knowledge required in that particular field of business tends to be the last resort for a fruitful career advancement.

For every aspiring and experienced professional opting for a professional doctorate in business is deemed fit for their future career prospects. An online professional doctorate in business imparts the competency and aptitude needed with the implementation of theory and research required in tackling the challenges persistent in the complex world of business.

 In this challenging employment landscape employers value those who encompass in themselves the leadership quality, in-depth knowledge and competency to deal with the complex business environment. Thus, applying for an online professional doctorate in business allows on to start their career advancement journey along with their personal growth.

During the research phase of choosing the right professional doctorate program, one needs to consider the Online Professional Doctorate in Business Careers and the Online Professional Doctorate in Business specializations that they should opt for.

In this article, we will highlight the Top 5 Online Professional Doctorate in Business specializations and the career opportunity offered by each, so that you can choose the one best suited for you.

Professional Doctorate in Business Management

An online professional doctorate in business management is deemed fit for those experienced professionals who are looking for a career advancement in the top executive position in their field of business. Here are some of the career opportunity that online professional doctorate in business management can offer.

  • Executive management positions in business organizations, government agencies, and charitable institution.
  • Educationist in business schools, imparting knowledge and teaching in business management.
  • An Entrepreneur who possess the experience needed to start and lead their own business.
  • Executive positions such as CIO, CTO, CFO investment, accounting, and finance firms.
  • Significant roles in noteworthy areas such as healthcare, hospitality and sports management.

Professional Doctorate in Business Administration

Applying for an Online professional doctorate in Business Administration allows one to equip themselves with a plethora of skills including marketable knowledge, leadership qualities, and business intelligence that not only allow them to flourish in their current job position but also help in career advancement.

  • A Business consultant, who is required to work on a certain company project, pertaining to expansion or reorganization. They review the data and information of the company and suggest and make recommendations for improvement and success.
  • Role of chief executive officer, chief administrative officer, or chief operations officer. These professionals are typically responsible for oversight of many major aspects of a company, including employee teams, budgeting, and projects.
  • Role of an Economist, where they decipher and forecast business trends and polish their market knowledge to share with organizations or even individuals that aids them in making right economic decisions.

Professional Doctorate in Human Resource Management

A professional doctorate in human resource management is suitable for those who aim for Professional growth and development in the field of human resource management. The program inculcates experiential learning, that provides students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in this field. Students get the opportunity to contribute in the field of human resource management with their research project or dissertation.

  • The position of a senior human resource management, Chief Human Resource Officer or HR director in large multinational companies
  • Human Resource strategy development role in government and non-profit organizations.
  • Executive and leadership roles in consultancy firms specializing in Human Resource.
  • Educationist with entrepreneurship opportunities in HR coaching, training or consulting.

Professional Doctorate in Learning & Development

This program is perfect for those who are keen to increase their knowledge and expertise in the field of learning and development. A professional doctorate in learning and development is equipped with in-hand experience on several courses dealing with topics such as human resource management, strategic workplace learning, Cognitive apprenticeship, development of leadership qualities and more that allows students to excel in the field of learning and development. This program offers graduates one-upmanship in the evolving and unpredictable field of learning and development.

Jobs with professional doctorate in learning and development include.

  • Chief Learning Director of Learning and development in multinational organizations
  • Consultant
  • Performance consultant
  • Manager
  • Human resource and talent development manager
  • Educationist in the field of Learning and Development.

Professional Doctorate in Sales & Marketing

With the current advancement in the field of sales and marketing experienced professionals are keen to update and enhance their expertise and knowledge in this particular field. Banking upon an online professional doctorate in sales and marketing not only increases their chances of one-upmanship but also allows them gain the skills and knowledge required in becoming leaders in the field of sales and marketing. This program contains an amalgamation of courses in topics like sales and brand management, customer behaviour, promotion and advertisement, digital marketing and more.

Online professional doctorate in sales and marketing careers include:

  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital marketing Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Promotion and Advertising Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager

In this article, we focused on the prospective online professional doctorate in business careers and also the top 5 online professional doctorate specializations and their career opportunities. Whether you are planning on career advancement, promotion to an executive position in your office, or excel in the word of business with practical research skills and knowledge, a professional doctorate in business will provide you the knowledge and expertise required for your professional growth which will ultimately help you to achieve your goals.

Apply today and choose from the variety of specializations offered by East Bridge College that not only has the benefit of flexibility that allows you to balance your professional and personal responsibility but also inculcates leadership qualities to make an everlasting impact in the world of business.

Written By : Elizabeth Garcia