Did you know almost 40% of post-secondary students are adults?

Sometimes, to complete a college degree or master’s degree directly become a tough responsibility for a number of adults and the reasons can be many. It can be family responsibilities, financial difficulties or anything, these types of non-traditional students face some unique challenges as well. Therefore, by understanding the significance of career appraisal, educational institutions now make resources accessible for working adults by accelerated online degrees.

Several colleges and universities offer these accelerated degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Organisations provide precise resources or personalised courses to the requirements of these types of students.

So, What Is an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program?

Accelerated degrees are also known as fast-track degree programs. These programs are full bachelor’s degrees which you can finish at a shortened time pace. The curriculum depends on the organization mostly, sometimes, it may have the same amount of course content as traditional degrees. Course structures vary from organization to organization. Through these programs, you can graduate and start your career more readily.

Also, the entry requirements differ across organizations and courses, so validate before and do your research before applying.

How Do Accelerated Online Degrees Function?

Accelerated online degree programs basically allow students to earn their degrees in as little as 1-2 years. How?  

  • By taking dual credit for courses
  • Skipping electives
  • Attending school year-round
  • Taking courses in a compressed format
  • Multiple start time
  • Less time between the terms
  • Build on knowledge and experience

Nevertheless, apprentices enrolled in accelerated online degree programs complete the same number of credits as traditional degrees with compressed classes into shorter terms.

Can You Be Benefited With Accelerated Online Degrees?

The fact is each learner has different benefits, opportunities, boundaries, and expectations. Numerous full-time workers opt to earn a degree through accelerated online degree programs to upgrade their career and credentials. These degree programs are best for the busy working adults as they deliver the flexibility that contemporary working professionals need.

Accelerated online degree programs also allow them to complete their education while preserving their job timetable. These degree programs are the fast-track opportunity for proceeding all the way from freshman year to all the post-graduate education in one straight go.

Degree Enrollment
(Source: educationdata.org)

The online learning industry is projected to pass $370 billion by 2026.

What Are the Types of Accelerated Degree Programs?

Depending on the educational organisation, students will be able to pick from variability of types. Generally, each course comes with a short break subsequently before the next course starts.

Learners may choose a single-degree program that emphasises one course at a time. On the other hand, the dual-degree program allows students to work on their bachelors’ and masters’ degrees at the same time. While they are earning credits towards a bachelor’s degree, the same credits may count toward the master’s degree at the same time depending on the institute. Additional choices that are accessible are the on-campus program and the online option for those who need to work or who have responsibilities.

Advantages of Accelerated Degree Programs

Here are some of the major advantages of accelerated online degree programs ---

  1. Online accelerated degree programs characteristically utilize shorter periods, such as terms or quarters.
  2. Online accelerated degree programs usually provide credit for your prior learning and experience.
  3. Flexible in nature that allows adult apprentices to study throughout times convenient for them and finish their online degree quickly.
  4. According to Investopedia, an undergraduate who trims six months off of his/her degree stands to save more than $15,000. Similar savings apply to upper-level degrees, as well.
  5. Online accelerated degree programs give you an exclusive edge in today’s competitive job market.
  6. By adding the latest and on-demand courses to your CV, you can enhance your resume now.
  7. You will be able to start your college degree whenever you want.
  8. Comes with easy instalment plans, different scholarships, pay per-credit basis and flexible payment choices.

The major objectives of an accelerated degree program are to prepare non-traditional learners into the workforce as quickly as possible. Accelerated education is often adult-friendly as well.

Things To Consider While Choosing an Accelerated Degree

What should professionals consider while choosing an accelerated degree?

  • A crucial factor to consider before you choose an accelerated degree program is to understand well all the requirements for enrolling. You will also need significant resources like reference materials and preparation guides.
  • Ensure to maximize your transfer award if you have attended college in the past and earned some credit. Transfer credit is decisive for degree acceleration.
  • Before you start your degree acceleration, make sure your school will accept the credit. Also, collect college credit as inexpensively as possible.
  • Credit for your work and life experience is a genuine way to gather hours toward your degree, thus, find out if your school provides credit for work and life experience. Be sure to trail your school’s dealings very carefully.
  • Go for a school that understands and values the time and money, the right accelerated degree program always offers the flexibility. If you feel the school appears inflexible to oblige to your plan, find another institute.
  • Needless to say, beware of scams!

Most importantly, accelerated online degree program programs save people precious time!

Concluding Thoughts

Indeed, an accelerated online degree program may not be for everyone, however, it does offer opportunities for the people with limited budgets and for the people who have other responsibilities or commitments. Accelerated degree programs are intense so that students can really focus on the essential knowledge of their field of education. The East Bridge College’s online accelerated degree programs are especially designed for people with busy routine or professionals with responsibilities by finishing their education quickly.

Written By : Albert Adams