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Online Tutoring and Advice – East Bridge College

East Bridge College Office will take all the decisions regarding all questions related to the presentation of written assignments, doubts on online content, comprehension, knowledge level, etc., alongside any administrative procedure. The College will act as a mediator and transfer your issue to the respective department.

For the academic needs of the program offered, East Bridge College relies on an international network of instructors, along with a worldwide connection with other educational institutions. All those associated with EBC academic network are located in different countries and comprises highly qualified professionals with years of formal experience. To remain connected with this complex academic network that consists of professors from America, Europe and Asia, the EBC office in the USA, the UK and Thailand proves to be the most efficient way to communicate and find out the best way to handle a range of student requests.

At East Bridge College, we have devised several ways to provide adequate academic support and advice to our students during their online learning process.

General advice

Answer time: We believe in taking quick action; therefore, we always respond within 24 working hours.
Questions from students regarding their home study assignments (reports, project, or thesis), the format of the work to be submitted and the presentation, along with any concerns about the administrative procedures are addressed by our EBC administrators.

Instructor interaction

Time to schedule an interaction:: If our students want to talk to us, they can do that on all working days.
The EBC administrators can connect you to an academic advisor to guide you regarding any academic concerns. However, students can also interact via email. All kinds of interaction will be monitored by the EBC office to ensure smooth flow of communication. Please note that since we have a body of advisors, hence your academic advisors may not remain same as you progress along your program of study, as per their availability. We hope, this change will not disrupt the quality of support to our learners as all of the EBC instructors are all well-updated with the academic materials.

Support online contents

Time for support text assignation:Usually taking around 1 to 3 weeks, when questions posed by the students, with respect to the understanding of the assigned online content, may remain unclear even after an instructor's interaction. In such cases, there will be some home study support textbooks assigned to the student by the EBC Faculty, to assist the learner in filling up the knowledge gap. EBC promotes the idea of additional reading to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the subject, as the faculty will help you by sharing learning links and resources for your help in your field of study. However, we require no reports on the texts assigned for support purposes.

Research mentoring

Time for research mentoring: It varies, as it depends on each case.
The instructions on how to elaborate a research work have been constructed to meet different academia criteria. For instance, some students may be allowed to use footnotes, others may just add a final appendix containing research references, while some may not provide any notes, as per the EBC research format; however, all of them must have a well-referenced bibliography. A proper reference highlights the students’ thorough research around the subject, as they compile inferences and information from varied credible, academic sources.

EBC also allows certain format freedom. Subject to approval by the EBC administrators, the student may propose the theme of the research, or may request for a discussion with an academic advisor on a range of research ideas to help them select the one that matches their preferences. On the other hand, our academic advisors will also explain you how to produce a research paper, the fundamental structure required to pursue it, and even guide you with respect to some literature and methods required to perform your research. EBC may also offer some online/home-study support textbooks to help you develop a sound academic foundation for the proposed research.

Feedback & improvement

Time for evaluation results (grades): This takes around 1 to 3 weeks from the time of receiving the assignments.
The evaluated assignments will receive feedback about any academic work (reports, project or thesis) from the EBC instructors. Our instructors always focus on providing a detailed feedback to our students so that they can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and work on them accordingly. Our instructors are bound by an obligation to provide relevant and constructive comments for any work that has a final grade lower than 3.0 (70%). Besides, it is the student’s liberty to resubmit their work by producing a new paper showcasing their comprehension of the feedback received. This step will enable them in developing a more exhaustive knowledge of the overall subject matter.

Program reassignment

Time for program reassignment: It takes around 1 to 3 weeks, but it changes on exceptional situations that may include few occasions where the assigned program may present some level of inconsistency. For instance, the student can find the assignments to be too easy or too hard to comprehend. These kinds of rare cases generally occur due to some résumé misinterpretation during the admission of the student. In such cases, the whole program will be reviewed and new program/textbooks will be reassigned by East Bridge College, after confirming accurate information from the student regarding his/her expected learning goals and exact problems of the initial assignment. In such cases, the student’s background can be checked in detail and verified before producing the new assignment. It is the authority of the Academic Board to modify, add, or delete any bibliography and/or assignments.

Other languages - for non-native English

It is often seen that our students find reading in a foreign language much easier than writing those; so, you may request to study the EBC program with English textbooks, and write the required academic work (reports, project, or thesis) in other language, subject to approval by our administrators. However, translating the books cannot be done. If possible, EBC may help you to search for equivalent books in your preferred language that fit the contents of our original resources. Please note that EBC does not test language levels; please do it at your discretion to ensure a good comprehension of the books assigned.