Amidst the vibrant economic milieu of Singapore, strategic leadership serves as the foundation of business success. The ever-changing and energetic landscape of Singapore demands executives who possess the business expertise with advanced skills and perceptions required to steer through the complex challenges.

As Singapore continues to establish its market presence as a global business center, the need for skilled business leaders with executive education that enhances their comprehension of various business principles becomes progressively obvious.

In this informative blog we will highlight the pivotal role of executive education, specifically a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration in shaping the top executives of Singapore and explores the nuances of pursuing a business degree in contrast to a traditional PhD.

The Business Scenario in Singapore:

Singapore stands as validation of economic robustness and adaptableness, constantly rank as a business conducive atmosphere globally. The strategic location, well-organized infrastructure, and business facilitating initiatives have drawn the attention of various multinational corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

However, it is obvious that with these prospects come challenges, ranging from shifts in the global economy to technological distractions. In order to excel in such a competitive environment, Singapore's executives need to possess a unique set of skills that combine theoretical knowledge with real-world applications which can be fulfilled by pursuing a business administration degree.

What is Strategic Leadership?

Strategic leadership is an innovative and adaptive methodology that guides an organization toward its enduring goals and objectives. It surpasses the conventional management tactics by encompassing an innovative perspective that involves forestalling and acclimatizing in order to bring forth change.

A strategic leader is not only proficient at evaluating the current business scenario but also holds the capability to anticipate and identify emerging trends and opportunities. Effective strategic leadership includes aligning the organization's means, competencies and ethos with its strategic vision. It requires the aptitude to make well-considered judgements, inspire and organize teams, and steer through uncertainties with resilience. Strategic leaders are completely aware of the importance of innovation, continuous learning, and a practical mindset in the face of evolving challenges.

 In essence, strategic leadership is about composing a harmonious balance between short-term strategic actions and long-term strategic objectives, steering the organization toward sustained success in an ever-changing environment.

The Need for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA):

Traditional business degrees may provide a robust groundwork in business management, but considering the dynamic and unceasingly transforming business landscape requires executives to explore the advanced concepts of business at a profound level along with enhancing their strategic thinking capabilities. This is where a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration comes into play.

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is specifically crafted for skilled professionals who are keen on enhancing their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. Unlike traditional PhD programs that focus on academic research, a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program emphasizes real world applications of business theories, making it an ideal choice for executives aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

PhD vs. Professional Doctorate: Understanding the Difference:

While both PhD and Professional Doctorate program culminate in doctoral degrees, their motive and objectives vary significantly. A PhD in Business Administration typically emphasizes academic research and contributes to the theoretical understanding of business concepts. On the other hand, a Professional Doctorate (DBA) program focusses on the practical application of business theories to address real-world challenges. Executives pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration, benefit from a curriculum designed to align with their professional experiences, making the knowledge gained directly applicable to their leadership roles.

Benefits of Pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration:

  • Relevance to Professional Context:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program is specially curated to address the multifaced challenges faced by executives in their respective industries. This business administration degree, ensures that the knowledge gained is directly applicable to the workplace, providing a measurable outcome on investment for both the individual and the organization.

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program not only bestow technical familiarity, but also focus on enhancing leadership and strategic thinking skills. Executives engage in practical application of theories that encourage critical thinking and the expansion of innovative solutions, preparing them to lead effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Networking Opportunities:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program often attract expert professionals from various industries. The combined nature of these executive education creates a unique networking environment where executives can share experiences, insights, and best practices. Building a strong professional network during the course of a doctorate of business administration program can prove invaluable throughout one's career.

  • Credibility and Recognition:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program not only indicates a pledge to professional development but also augments an executive's reliability in the business world. Employers and peers recognize the rigorous nature of business administration degree programs, positioning graduates as experts in their field.

  • Contributions to Research and Practice:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program majorly focusses on real world application, it also encourages executives to contribute to the advancement of business knowledge. Research projects undertaken during a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program can lead to publications, allowing executives to make meaningful contributions to both academia and industry.

  • Global Perspective:

A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program offers the opportunity to gain a global perspective on business challenges. Engaging with multifaced cohorts from around the world exposes individuals to varied business practices and cultural nuances, fostering a broader understanding of the global marketplace. This international exposure is invaluable for executives operating in an interconnected business environment, providing insights into emerging trends and fostering a more inclusive approach to strategic leadership.

Success Stories of Senior Executives with Professional Doctorates

Meet Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom, a proficient industry figure who has showcased his supreme commitment to excellence throughout his professional career. Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom, Managing Partner at KREG Global Marketing & Distribution Company in Thrissur, Kerala, India has been on a relentless mission to empower MSMEs and segments of conglomerates.

 Since May 2019, he has been proactively participating in improving productivity and profitability levels for his clients, integrating tactical actions, re-engineering processes, optimizing human and capital resources, and providing valued guidance. Illustrating his persistent determination and effectiveness, Mr. Thekkemadom has successfully completed seven projects with different clients since the launch of KGCC Ltd. in March 2019.

Equipped with this specialized knowledge, Mr. Rajeev Ramachandran Thekkemadom will be skillfully navigating the complicated landscape of global business, staying ahead of industry trends while executing innovative strategies. The research and analytical skills honed during his Professional Doctorate Business program will empower him to execute thorough analyses, make informed decisions, and drive organizational success. READ MORE


In the vibrant business landscape of Singapore, strategic leadership is indispensable for sustained success. Executives aiming to stay ahead in this competitive environment should consider the transformative potential of a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program. This doctorate of business administration equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, and strategic mindset needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business world. By choosing a DBA over a traditional PhD, executives can ensure that their educational journey aligns with their professional aspirations, resulting in a significant impact on both their careers and the organizations they lead.

As Singapore's business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of strategic leadership cannot be overstated. If you are an executive seeking to enhance your leadership capabilities and make a lasting impact on your organization, consider pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration. Visit our website and explore our DBA programs today and embark on a transformative journey that will shape not only your career but also the future of Singapore's business landscape. Your path to strategic leadership begins here.

Written By : Philip Campbell