Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
East Bridge College


Honesty, sincerity and integrity must reflect in the staff members’ approach to work for the College.

All staff members should behave with integrity, honesty and fairness in all business, academic (including research), professional and personal relationships. Staff members should not knowingly or unknowingly provide any confidential information or make any statement which they know is misleading, false or deceptive to a colleague, client of the College, or the general public.

College staff members have to follow the terms and conditions of their employment and they cannot be required to be complicit in any illegal act. If advised, instructed or encouraged to engage in unlawful activity, they must decline, and report the matter to a line manager.

Conflicts of interest

College staff should be free of any financial interest or otherwise which might be regarded as being in conflict or incompatible with their integrity and objectivity. Independence is key to objectivity. Both external and internal parties have a need for credibility of information and action in relation to College activities. College management at all substantive levels expects credibility and accountability in information as well as the activities of all its staff. College management will be discreet in the application of an attitude of professionalism within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, and intends to remain independent in fact as well as appearance. Accordingly, College staff members should recognise and avoid situations which may affect their integrity and objectivity by:

  1. being cautious of undue benefits or preferential treatment received in the course of their employment which may influence their judgement or objectivity
  2. ensuring College facilities or property, information or resources are used in the best interests of the College community
  3. guarding against conflicts of interest arising from inappropriate financial involvement and personal relationships.

The interests of the College and the broader community

The College comprises a diverse population of individuals with differing roles and functions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and differential and sometimes complex relationships within the College community. For the fair and effective function of such a community, due regard must be given to behaviour which respects the dignity and privacy of individuals, supports fair dealing representing both in action and perception.

The effective functioning of the College community depends on the mutual respect required of individuals co-existing within that diverse community and with its broad clientele, together with the pursuit of an environment characterised by co-operation, collegiality, impartiality, equity, and financial responsibility.

Individuals shall be accountable for their actions in respect to social and financial aspects by: clearly establishing their own personal standards and those of the staff for whom they are responsible and being aware of how these standards may conflict with tasks they ask others (or themselves are asked) to do.

This should be in consonance with the College's strategic intentions recognising that the College has a responsibility to both its stakeholders and the broader community.


College staff must protect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of their work. No staff member should use or disclose any confidential information to a colleague, client of the College or any other party without specific authority or unless such use or disclosure is:

  1. in the normal course of business within the College, or
  2. there is a legal or professional duty to disclose the information

Staff may acquire confidential information in the course of their employment. This may take the form of confidential information about staff, students, College business or other information intended to be confidential. It is important that this information should not be disclosed to third parties except when consent has been obtained from the College or with the consent of the other party, when there is a responsibility to fulfill.

Staff members need to inform their immediate superior if any doubt arises as to whether there is any right or duty to disclose confidential information. If the problem cannot be resolved by this action, they should consult an appropriate higher authority within the College, and/or the College's legal advisors.

College staff at all levels should ensure that staff members for whom they are responsible, are aware of the confidential nature of relevant information acquired by them in their work and should inform them to maintain confidentiality of such information.

Staff members in receipt of confidential information should not use or appear to use such information to gain personal advantage for themselves or for a third party.

Technical standards

College staff members shall perform their job duty in accordance with relevant contract and/or in accordance with the technical and professional standards in alignment with the work. In this sense, College staff members owe a duty of skill and care to the College.

Fair and honest dealing – objectivity

College staff members must be fair and unbiased and should not let prejudice to influence or override their objectivity in academic, research, administrative, business or management matters. They have to maintain an impartial attitude, particularly in terms of the equity of individuals (including colleagues) or groups who may be vulnerable.

The College staff members have to abide by objectivity and if the work of a staff member is influenced by dishonesty, prejudice, conflict of interest or bias, or involves misuse of a College position for personal gain (financial or otherwise), then that staff member will fail to meet the test of objectivity.

The 'reasonable person' test will determine whether a staff member’s behavior can be termed as objective. It will depend on the conclusion of a reasonable colleague, knowing all the facts and circumstances, that whether the staff member has acted properly and impartially.

Gifts, benefits and hospitality

Gifts, benefits or hospitality which are not regular and of minimal value, used for promotional purposes by the donor and seen as generally accepted commercial practice (such as a business lunch), may be accepted.

Gifts, benefits or hospitality which exceed a nominal amount, must be declared to the staff member's line manager and must not be accepted if in the view of the line manager the acceptance of the gift or gratuity would in any way defy objectivity and be seen by all as likely to influence the staff member in their official capacity. Gifts, benefits or hospitality offered as an inducement to oblige a staff member to purchase goods or services is unacceptable. Staff members must not accept gifts of money.

Ethical behaviour

College staff members should conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with the College's strategic intentions, reputation, and functions for which it was created. Any kind of misconduct which can bring discredit to the College must be avoided by the staff members.

It is important that colleagues, clients and the wider community, be satisfied that College staff members act fairly, honestly and in good faith. Any misleading, false or deceptive statements are in no way accepted. The character of staff members will be judged on the basis of their conduct, real or apparent.

Indicators of personal ethical behaviour

You are expected not to allow dishonesty, personal prejudice or bias to influence your conduct during your employment.

  1. You should not accept gifts, benefits or hospitality if those compromise your objectivity.
  2. Your actions should be fair, honest, and truthful.
  3. You should avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
  4. You should not condone statement which is misleading, false or deceptive.
  5. You should conduct yourself with care and skill, and ensure your actions do not conflict with the requirements of integrity and objectivity of the College.
  6. You should not use confidential or other information for personal advantage or for the advantage of another.
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